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Posted by Jami at on May 02, 2004 at 12:52:37:

In Reply to: Vegans, Friends of Vegans, Vegan Enthusiasts posted by Suplee_Mental on May 02, 2004 at 10:55:54:

While I don't care for those who have a no-meat diet because of the ones I've PERSONALLY KNOWN (I'll get into that) - I wouldn't worry. Seeing how there's no such thing as evolution - at least not how scientists put it - there's nothing to worry about. The only evolution there's been is a little nudging from God in one direction or another. But the Bible does have a part where we are ordered by God to eat meat. After the Great Flood God tells Noah people now *have* to eat meat because the earth can no longer produce plants that will give humans all they need to be healthy and survive. Take a look at what heart doctors have now found. That you MUST eat 3 oz of red meat (no more, no less) a week to get the B vitamins one needs for a healthy heart. Veggies and fruits don't have them. Heck, one of mom's friends - her husband was a vegitarian but became diabetic and now he HAS to eat meat to keep his diabetis under control.

As for those I've PERSONALLY KNOWN - and seeing how I live in Southern California that's quite a lot, I'd say in college alone I met about 80 vegitarians and vegans - I've found they've fallen into 2 of 3 catagories. The Hypocrite - "I don't eat meat because I want to be really healthy and live a long time. I'm also a chain smoker/drug user/alcoholic or any combonation of those three and I fuck anything that moves without any protection." The Psycho (Usually also a Hypocrite) - "Become a vegtarian/vegan or I'll blow your fucking brains out! All meat eaters must DIE! MAWHAHAHAHA!" And The Sheep - "I'm a vegitarian/vegan because my favorite actor/actress/singer is one and therefore being one is cool and I must be one if I'm to be cool too. Aren't I hip?"

I actually have had people say they'd kill me if I didn't become a vegitarian. I combind them with The Hypocrite because they say they don't believe in hurting animals or killing anything (they're usually against the death penalty too) yet they claim they're going to blow my brains out because I eat meat. And they're usually serious about it too. Thankfully they usually forget me and go to harass others. I'd say about 90% of the ones I PERSONALLY KNEW were heavy chain smokers and about 20% were drug addicts and 51% drank way too much to be healthy. Especially the ones in the catagory The Sheep. Because they wanted to be "hip" and "cool."

Not that I'm saying they're ALL like this. It's just the ones I KNEW PERSONALLY AND HAD CONTACT WITH ON A DAILY BASIS FOR A PERIOD OF TIME (usually college classes) that were like this. I'm sure parody king "Weird" Al Yankovic who's a vegan doesn't fall into any of those catagories.

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