Re: Your understanding of evolution is flawed.

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Posted by TexasJediPimp at on May 03, 2004 at 20:36:27:

In Reply to: Your understanding of evolution is flawed. posted by Übermenschİ on May 02, 2004 at 17:56:13:

: I crusase against irrationality, logical fallacy, and willful ignorance; faith is synonymous with all of these. I will not apologize for attempting to correct a person's misconceptions that are blatantly dissonant with reality.

And whose reality would that be??? Yours???? Come on, please tell me the meaning of life, because you have YOU convinced that you know it all. Faith is irrational to you because you have none. How is it a fallacy, you yourself stated your supposed FACTUAL theory had holes in it that still needed proving, yet you campaign for it like you know it's true. The truth of the matter is that it cant be proven, because regardless of whether things "evolve" or not, you can never prove what caused the evolution, you can "logically" claim "well we must have needed to evolve and mother nature made it happen" But you can't prove it. You are claiming it based on "faith" in what science tells you. Remember a scientific theory means shit if it can't be REPRODUCED in a lab setting more than once. Thats part of the scientific method, part of your own ideaology. Explain that one, Oh wise one. (yes that's sarcasm) Oh and it's CRUSADE not crusase. Dumbass.

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