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Posted by 44986 at on May 02, 2004 at 13:46:05:

In Reply to: I am a scientist and evolution is real. posted by Übermenschİ on May 02, 2004 at 13:38:29:

: To date, there is no evidence whatsoever, none, zero, zip, zilch, nada to discount evolution. If there were, then evolution would be tossed in to the waste basket of disproven hypotheses. There are arguments as to exactly how quickly speciation occurs and the relative contributions of natural selection and genetic drift to speciation but those are fairly minor quibbles which in no way detract from the veracity of evolution.

: Do you believe in atoms and atomic theory? That all matter is composed of these discrete particles. Imagine all evidence of atomic theory can fit into a teaspoon. Now realize that all evidence of evolution (at the same "factual density" so to speak) would occupy your entire bedroom. There is a glut of information, all of which fit the evolutionary model, none of which disprove the theory

: Finally, belief in a god and realization of the factual nature of evolution are NOT mutually exclusive. Do not tread that path of logical fallacy. If you wish to believe that an omnipotent being nudged humanity into creation, so be it; evolution could be God's Life-Creat-o-Matic.

I don't want to argue the point anymore, but that article has a bias. I'm not saying I don't, because I do, but it's hard to argue something unless you have well learned people on both sides, not just a lot of people who have their own thoughts of how things are who have read a lot of articles or a lot of Bible passages. It's like politics. If we say to only use solar power, then other energy producing companies will no longer have jobs. finding proof for or against evolution changes a lot of people's lives in too big of ways. I found Creationism to be what I believe in and it has yet to be refuted for me.

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