Hate Letters of the Week

A steady stream of 'hate mail' has been reaching our mailboxes since an unauthorized early draft of the 'Dogma' script was placed on the Web many months ago. This was followed by a booklet distributed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights which urged people to write to then distributor Miramax/Disney with their complaints. As such, most of the letters are addressed to either Disney, Miramax, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, or Michael Eisner.

The following is a sample of the type of 'hate mail' that we've been getting:

Please note that even thorugh the movie has been released, all of these letters were sent months before the film was even announced for release. Most of the letter writers have not yet seen the actual film.

Posted on December 14th, 1999

To Whom It May Concern,

With regard to your upcoming movie "Dogma", I am writing to let you know of my extreme disappointment with Disney Films.

My friends, family and I have spent much money over the years on Disney films, Disney products, toys, clothing and Disney stuffed animals, as well as several trips to Disneyworld.

I can assure you, with the release of this blasphemous film, we will never knowingly spend another dollar on aything with the Disney name on it.

Saugus, MA


Dear Sir,

I was appalled to learn of your latest movie entitled "Dogma."

What are your objectives? The filth implied should never be produced.

Do you have a conscience?

This troubled generation does not need this crap.

Origin Unknown


Mr. Bob and Harvey Weinstein

How is it that you attack the Virgin Mary?!
Is she not a daughter of Israel?
Wasn't she a daughter of the Temple in Jerusalem?!
Wasn't she the perfect keep of the Mosaic Law?!
You attack your faith, if you keep the Jewish faith, as well as mine!
How repugnant you are to promote such vile lies. The ancient saints of the Old Testament must mourn for the evil you do.

P.S. You have placed a curse upon your head and business. Origin Unknown


Dear Disney/Miramax executives,

It's very sad to see the negative turn your company has been taking these past years. Your movies now revolve around witchcraft, the occult, perverted sex, ridicule of religion. A company that used to produce wholesome movies for children is now leading children astray.

I have just finished reading the first 15 pages of the script for your movie "Dogma" and have found it to be greatly offensive. I'm sorry to see that you feel the need to put down the Catholic Church and ridicule it so viciously. Whoever is writing these scripts must really be scared of Catholicism to lash out against it so violently.

I pray that you may seriously reconsider the type of material you are producing. We cannot complain about the way children are being brought up today or their values so long as we continue to allow immorality to flood the media.

I'm sorry to say that my perception of Disney has changed dramatically in the past years. I have found your company no longer merits my patronage or respect.

Tustin, CA


Bob + Harvey Weinstein,

You should be ashamed of yourselves to put out things like this.

I'm Catholic + I don't like what you have to say about the Mother of Jesus.

You should examine yourself.

Don't spread gossip like this - you sound stupid.

I hope God forgives you.

Origin Unknown

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