Hate Letters of the Week

A steady stream of 'hate mail' has been reaching our mailboxes since an unauthorized early draft of the 'Dogma' script was placed on the Web many months ago. This was followed by a booklet distributed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights which urged people to write to then distributor Miramax/Disney with their complaints. As such, most of the letters are addressed to either Disney, Miramax, Harvey Weinstein, or Michael Eisner.

Please note that all of these letters were sent months before the film was even announced for release.

The following is a sample of the type of 'hate mail' that we've been getting:

Posted on September 23rd, 1999

Disney/Miramax Films

You are the producer of Dogma right? Well, you need to stop it. Do not sell it or show it. Fire the actors, burn the scenery and scripts. Let the footage already made, everything, be destroyed. If you have already sold it, take it back. Use the force of a legal lawsuit if neccessary. Please. It is a horrible, evil, blasphemous movie against our Holy Mother Mary. End it now - you are making a very powerful someone very very VERY VERY very angry. That someone is God - I urge you to destroy the movie 'Dogma'. Please do this... your souls depend on it.

May God have sweet mercy toward you -

Mt. Pleasant, SC


Corporate Members and Staff of Disney/Miramax Films:

Walt Disney is turning over in his grave with all the violence and anti-religious and anti-people films you have been making and sponsoring. Your latest film "Dogma" is but another example of your misuse of free speech.

Attacking any religion in this fashion only shows how low you have gotten to make the mighty dollar. If you attacked the Jewish Religion - Reform or Orthodox in the same manner, our Jewish friends would have you sued beyond compare.

The Catholic and Christian Religions have withstood 2000 years of attacks. God will take care of you in his own special way. Sometimes a thing like this boomerangs and maybe it will wake the young people up to follow their religion more closely.

God forgive you because you do know what you are doing!

P.S. - Your city is no longer a city of angels.

New York, NY


To those responsible:

What are the reasons, the motivation behind the prduction of Dogma? Who has such a deep hatred for the Church that it must be expressed in films? How can any sane, intelligent person justify the making of a film like Dogma?

Yo have the mentality and the lack of respect found in an unruly, poorly-nurtured three-year-old kid. You laugh at what you don't understand. How pathetic!

Intellectual pride has made fools of all of you responsible for Dogma. Don't distribute it. Destroy it.

Pine Bluff, AZ


To Whom it may concern:

I am writing to protest the blasphemous film, Dogma, that Disney/Miramax is producing. Since I don't have the names of the person(s) responsible for the decision to produce this film, I will substitute Disney as the person(s) responsible.

By attacking the Holy Roman Catholic Church you are attacking God himself. By attacking the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass you are rejecting the greatest gift God has given the world. Himself. By attacking the bible you are slandering + mocking God's instructions for mankind + his written profession of how much God loves even someone as blind as you. By attacking our lady you insult the purity of God and humiliate his Holy Mother.

By teaching others to do these things from the example of you dopey film you are in serious danger. As Jesus sais "whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck + he were cast into the sea" mark 9:41

I'm sure you insist on "tolerance" for gays + lesbians + any film which scandalizes them would be a sign of intolerance to you. Where then is your concern for tolerance, openess, understanding, etc. for the Holy Roman Catholic Church? Hypocrites.

I will pray for you in y Rosary and may even remember your miserable self when I attend the Holy Sacrafice of the Mass. But I think Disney + Kevin Smith that you are all in the wrong profession. Since by working on Dogma you have acted like idiot's extremely well, you should become actors.

Staten Island, NY


Disney/Miramax Films:

I vehemently protest Disney/Miramax's production of Dogma which according to the script, attacks my Catholic faith and that of my Catholic Church. How dare this movie attack our Sweet Mother Mary and her virginity and that of St. Joseph! This production dares to put God Our Father in the role of a female rock star. This is an outrage!

There is no such thing as freedom of expression when the so-called expression makes vicious attacks on my faith and the Divine Person of God, the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph etc.

I strongly urge your company to withdraw the distribution of Dogma. If you do not, I will be a outspoken voice that will tell others to boycott Disneyland, it's stores in the mall, it's products, entertainment, etc. Stop your Anti-Catholic offensive programs. NOW!

Omaha, NE

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