Hate Letters of the Week

A steady stream of 'hate mail' has been reaching our mailboxes since an unauthorized early draft of the 'Dogma' script was placed on the Web many months ago. This was followed by a booklet distributed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights which urged people to write to then distributor Miramax/Disney with their complaints. As such, most of the letters are addressed to either Disney, Miramax, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, or Michael Eisner.

The following is a sample of the type of 'hate mail' that we've been getting:

Please note that all of these letters were sent months before the film was even announced for release. Most of the letter writers have not yet seen the actual film.

Posted on October 21st, 1999

To Whom it May Concern,

Even though I am not ordained via the Roman Catholic Church as a Christian minister I strongly aggree(sp) with this statement (see image above). And as an artist, author, actor, director, etc. can say that this is not art. Art should enlighten, bring hope , cause the mind to be raised to beautiful things, inspire wo/man to the divine. Where is the hope you offer in this movie!? Where is the beauty!? What hope can be found that life can be divine or inspired!? Inspired to fullness. Please respond to my ques tions.

You have only brass in your hands and not silver. Perhaps fools gold. Perhaps only sand. But you could truly have... gold or silver in you hands if you look to the divine, the divine person Jesus Christ.

You may throw my letter away and you lose nothing. But if you throw Jesus Christ away, you lose EVERYTHING!!!

I shall keep you in my prayers, that you may come to know the light which is Christ Jesus.

Breezewood, PA


Brothers Weinstein

Apparently you are trying to produce "Dogma" for other reasons than making money. Top of sheet is 10 top money makers. "Dogma" will never make it!!

Origin Unknown


Disney/Miramax Films:

Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave! It's very sad that an organization that boasts family entertainment would be involved in such a dispicable project. Do you really think there are any benefits to be gained from a project that is hurtful and destr uctive to millions of people? Hear the voices that cry out to you - and remember you reap what you sow.

Origin Unknown


Disney/Miramax Films:

I vehemently protest the production of Dogma. It is a direct insult on all Catholic believers.

Your responsibility, as Dogma's producer, cannot be washed away be selling the rights to another distributor.

I sincerely urge you never, never blaspheme the Catholic faith.

Until we clearly see a change in your policy, my family and I will be boycotting any and all Disney/Miramax films, parks, clothing, etc.

Origin Unknown


Disney/Miramax Films:

By sponsoring disgraceful and disgusting productions, such as Dogma you destroy your reputation and hotly anger many.

By encouraging innovative and irresponsible abuses against the sacred, you will inspire your consuming public not only to lose trust in your products but to boycott them as well.

Certainly management still has control over knowledge of what its subsidiaries are doing, or does it?

I have personally taken my family to your parks and stayed at your hotels on different occasions in the past (and spent lots of money at them) and would otherwise look forward to visiting them again.

However, I, and clearly countless others, won't be able to support an organization that instead of being a guardian of truth and those things which are of the highest value; instead becomes an organizaton that purposely and arrogantly trashes those things which are held to be sacred.

I encourage you to immdiately withdraw your support from this and any similar production, as well as those people responsible for it.

Akron, OH


Disney/Miramax Films:

Your production of the film "Dogma" is an abomination to the whole Catholic world and a strike at the very core of our Catholic Faith. To degrade the beauty and grace of the maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a despicable portrayal and a contemptibl e act to those of us who vigorously uphold Her dignity with the highest respect for the ever-faithful "Vessel of Honor". What if the public were to ridicule the mother of a peer in your circle? An unpardonable sin I assume, yet you dare to provoke the Cat holic Church without any regard for its Founder and His followers. Then to attack the very centerpiece of the Church, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, is an act of defiance against the very source of all creation itself, the One True God, who is mightier t han you. To stoop so low in your morbid description of the Mass, is so serious an offense that the consequences will be grave, for you have touched the apple of his eye.

Despite the recent T.V. appeals to the nation to curb its appetite for violence, you have dared to introduce a more insidious form of violent tactics, far greater than the power of any gun. "Fear not him who kills the body, but he who kills the soul" Reme mber those words? Has Disney changed its politics that an attack on family life is now acceptable? Strike at the mother and you break the heart of her child, both in heaven and on earth. The Blessed Virgin Mary was the Mother of the First Family of the Ch urch and as such, in Her exemplary role, gave us the perfect blueprint how to conduct our family life. Now more than ever, our nation is calling for stability in the home. The film industry has a profound influence in that environment, but when it becomes corrupt, it can trickle down to the heart of the family, only to disrupt it. If you can sleep at night after a day of plotting this brand of tyranny in the work place, then just stand by and wait; the simple passage of time will rear its ugly head at you , however long it takes.

On a lighter note however, may I appeal to your good sense to reconsider a withdrawal from this dreaded plot while time is still on your side, that would help avoid the painful effects of so much regret later. let not your greed for gain at any cost, be t he driving force behind this project, for "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul" or if you prefer the latter part to read "lose your peace of mind".

Eureka, CA

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