Hate Letters of the Week

A steady stream of 'hate mail' has been reaching our mailboxes since an unauthorized early draft of the 'Dogma' script was placed on the Web many months ago. This was followed by a booklet distributed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights which urged people to write to then distributor Miramax/Disney with their complaints. As such, most of the letters are addressed to either Disney, Miramax, Harvey Weinstein, or Michael Eisner.

Please note that all of these letters were sent months before the film was even announced for release.

The following is a sample of the type of 'hate mail' that we've been getting:

Posted on September 30th, 1999

The following letter was sent in duplicate, one copy to The Walt Disney Company, the second copy to Bob and Harvey Weinstein at Miramax Films. The interesting thing to note is how the letter sent to Disney attempts to appeal to any Christian beliefs at that company while the letter sent to the Weinsteins attempt to appeal to any Jewish beliefs.

The Walt Disney Company

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a former Disney stockholder. I am writing to express my anger over the company's production of "Dogma" - the blasphemous attack against Christianity. I request the studio not distribute this film.

I am saddened to have witnessed the Disney Company go from the makers of wholesome movies which I saw as a child to the producers of films and TV programs which often appeal to our lower nature.

Just last weekend, during a promotion for his TV series, I saw Michael J. Fox telling the people in his "office" that he wanted sex. During a break in "This Week" on Sunday, a steamy bedroom sex scene promoting that evening's movie was shown.

Possibly, if your programming was more personally edifying, Disney would not have to do self-promotions. Instead, you might attract companies willing to pay for advertising their products.

Furthermore, I have noticed that Disney stock has been stuck around 29 for a long while. Maybe it's time for the studio to get back in the business of making films which respect human dignity and make us feel good about life, ourselves and our neighbors.

Your powerful position in the entertainment industry gives you greater responsibility to promote good and contain evil. I would greatly appreciate that in the accomplishment of these nobel goals that Disney Studio canned "Dogma."

Arlington, VA

Letter 2 to Bob and Harvey Weinstein

Dear Bob and Harvey,

I am writing as a fellow New Yorker to request that you please not purchase and distribute the Disney-produced film "Dogma." I understand that it is a blasphemous attack against some Jewish people and their religion.

I was born in the 1940's in Rochester and have witnessed the media migrate from wholesome, uplifting themes to today's common human degradation. I am saddened to have seen the expansion of the immorality envelope.

I believe we all have certain God-given talents which are not only intended for our own welfare but for the good of society. Anything short of that is a waste. As citizens of planet earth, we also have rights and concomitant responsibilities to ourselves, our families and neighbors. However, people like yourselves, who are in a key position in the entertainment industry to influence particularly our youth, have an even greater responsibility to use the media as intended for the edification of humanity and not to prostitute it for profit.

A Jewish prophet once said, "It is better to build up treasures in heaven than here on earth, where the moths will eat them." So please don't be short sighted. Rather, think long term.

I ask you to kindly bear all this in mind as you contemplate buying and distributing "Dogma."

Arlington, VA



Please, please never release the film Dogma. As a Christian and a member of the Catholic Church, I am seeing to it that all members and friends will boycott this film.

Let us all work together to do Good, for the film industry and it's viewers - Please, please do not distroy(sic) the love of Our God - the very thing our country was founded on many years ago.

Dogma must never reach the eyes of anyone on this earth.

Northport, AL


To the folks at Disney/Miramax Films:

It has come to my attention that you are considering the production of a film titled Dogma. According to publicly available scripts, this film is intensly offensive to the Roman Catholic faith by dragging down what I and other Catholics hold sacred into the muck of immortality. I protest with vehemence against Dogma, and hope you will send this outrageous film to it's rightful place: the trash can.

For many years Disney and Miramax films have produced entertaining, funny, and sad movies, the high quality of which connot be disputed. However, Dogma falls miles short of quality. It is a film written by cowards who cannot find anything more to pick at than the Catholic Church, and worse of all, God and His Holy Family. Please do not tarnish your reputation by producing this film. And remember, your involvement in this film cannot be washed away in the basin of Pontius Pilate by selling the rights to Dogma to another producer (namely Harvey and Bob Weinstein).

Bear in mind that if Dogma is produced and released, you can expect a vociferous outcry from Catholics across the nation, and poignant protests. Do the right thing: respect God and just say no to Dogma. Imagine the impact your decision will have on the correction of a society plagued by violence and immorality.

Warren, Ohio


Dear Disney/Miramax Films,

I strongly oppose the production of the film "Dogma." This movie condones profanity and attacks the sacred beliefs of Catholics. I ask you to stop the production of and release of this film as its contents offend Catholics.

I plan to boycott all Disney products unless this film is not released. As producer of this movie I urge you to stop this blasphemy.

Springfield, PA


Dear Mr. Eisner:

I am greatly distressed that your company is behind the production and distribution of "Dogma", an offensive film which ridicules Catholics and the Catholic tradition.

Yes, I guess you can hide behind your first amendment rights, but is that any excuse to poke fun at a sacred tradition embraced by 175 million Americans?

What if the shoe was on the other foot, and the script called for putting down the Jewish faith? Would you want your Jewish friends to know you were behind it? Do you think your father and mother would be proud of you for ridiculing the religion they respect and cherish.

This film is beneath contempt. It doesn't even belong in the so-called art theatres. I urge you to keep it out of distribution.

Cleveland, OH

Hate Mail of the Week is brought to you by viewaskew.com and is not affliated with Lions Gate Films, Disney, Miramax, Michael Eisner, or Bob or Harvey Weinstein

Hate Mail of the Week is brought to you by viewaskew.com and is not affliated with Lions Gate Films, Disney, Miramax, Michael Eisner, or Bob or Harvey Weinstein

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