Hate Letters of the Week

A steady stream of 'hate mail' has been reaching our mailboxes since an unauthorized early draft of the 'Dogma' script was placed on the Web many months ago. This was followed by a booklet which urged people to write with their complaints.

The following is a sample of the type of 'hate mail' that we've been getting:

Please note that all of these letters were sent months before the film was even announced for release. Most of the letter writers have not yet seen the actual film.

Posted on October 28th, 1999

NOTE: This next Hate Letter is particularly offensive, not only to those of the Jewish Faith but to all of humanity as well. To prove that is was an actual pice of mail sent into us, a copy of it is posted below. For those of you who have mailed us and complained that our hate letters were not truly hate letters, this should assure you that it does get worse.

Re: Dogma

Too bad you still cannot comprehend whi Hitler was neccessary, but you understand the virginity of Mary.

Because of sinners like you:

Christ said there will be no stone left unturned in Jerusalem

Origin Unknown


I have just learned of your movie "Dogma". I am certain you have been receiving many post cards and letters in protest to it, and I intend to contribute my own. I feel very angry because this film threatens me, my family, the world and all that I believe in. I forgive you. You and I are human beings ith our faults. But I cannot forgive "Dogma". It sickens me and I am hoping something will turn about and it will sicken you that you might not release it.

There are many arguments I might follow to prove that such a film as "Dogma" is absolutely unacceptable in nature. First, I might bring it to your attention that in producing and possibly releasing that film, you and your workers have violated the right American Christians hold to Freedom of Religion. You have a right to think what you may of Christianity, in particular, Catholicism; but you have no right to mock the religion so violently and with such visibility. You have violated American Christians' right to Expression. Christians are free to express their views, as well as movie-makers are. However, no American citizen may express their views in such a way as harms another. Are America's Christians harmed? Certainly! That is why so many are angry. "Dogma" attacks Christians because it attacks their religion and a Christian's identity and religion are one and the same.

Would you release a film that blatantly insulted Black Americans? Certainly not! That would be racism. Would you release one cruelly mocking men or women on a basis of gender? No! That is sexism. Would you, similarly, put out a movie ridiculing Hinduism, Buddism, Islam or... Catholicism? Religious discrimination is a crime, just as is racism or sexism or any other persecution. Stop it. Stop it now.

This country needs no more hate. Watch the news! Children are slaughtering one other in their schools. Wars are erupting all over the place, or are continuing. Racial and anti-Semitic Hate-Crimes are on the rise again. Babies are thrown in the trash before even their first breath. Why do you want to perpetuate hate? What goes around, comes around. You get back what you give out. You reap what you sew. "Dogma" sows hate and violence. Why do you want to suffer the same as a consequence?

Who helps to relieve violence and pain? People of all religions working in the Christian spirit of Charity. There are millions of soup-kitchens, food pantries, couseling services, rescue teams and simple friends that save the bodies, minds and souls of people everyplace. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

You all want to make money, is that right? Shock people with something atrocious to get them in the theaters and pay for the ticket. Perhaps that is what you are thinking now. But what will you think many years from now on your death-bed? When money can not buy another year or another day or another minute? Consider that by releasing that film, you'll undermine the very morality and spirit of love that keeps the little peace that is in this world with us.

"Dogma" demonstrates to the world that the Way of Truth and peace is foolish and the ways of wickedness and drunkenness are right. I challenge you to look into the weary eyes of an addict of alcohol or heroine(sp) or any drug and tell them that! Look into the eyes of a person beaten and left for dead and say: "This is the way it should be! Are you not delighted?" Discover one day that your wife is unfaithful and stand up to say: "Sexual promiscuity is wonderful!", just as "Dogma" would have us believe. Or, shake the hand of a toddler with a bruised brain and say: "It must be grand, living in the ideal family, as you do!". "Dogma" is a lie. Violence hurts. Hate is wrong. Do not pretend that the opposite is true. Do not release "Dogma".

PS - I am a Catholic. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Mass. I believe in Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. I believe in Love, Peace and Beauty.

If you are a human, do not release "Dogma".

St. Bonaventure, NY


To whom it may concern:

I have recently learned of a movie currently in production named, Dogma. I cannot understand how this film can be considered entertaining. I know freedom of speech is extremely important in this country and I also realize that some of us who are not especially sophisticated don't always grasp the significance of some forms of art. But I would hope that your goal would be to entertain everyone regardless of sex, race, & religion. This film, however, seems to be a deliberate attempt to offend me and people like me who love God. Why? Is there not anyone in the movie industry that has the guts to stand up for all of us. Ca't there be one place where we can all go to enjoy a brief respite from the problems we face every day in this troubled world?

The movie industry is well known for helping people escape briefly from the pain of the depression in the 30's and from the fears and anxieties experienced during WWII. Where are you now when kids are killing kids and hate crimes between races and against homosexuals are rampant? Don't tell me we can't occasionally slip back into a more gentle + innocent time - if we don't it's because the ones that can take us there won't.

I beg you to reconsider the release of this offensive movie.

Origin Unknown


Dear Enemies,

We pray for all enemies of Jesus, the Christ, and ask God to let you know that jesus is our redeemer and brother.

Origin Unknown


It breaks my heart that you have chosen the "allmighty dollar" over almighty God. How could you choose this production, "Dogma" which blasphemes a whole body of religion to hurt innumerable souls where it hurts most?!

How in God's name can you so blatantly attack the sacred doctrine of Catholicity without fear of punishment?

Though your religion may differ somewhat, there is no justification for stamping on that of others.

Your offense is of such a great magnitude, that our Creator alone can judge it.

I protest! - And millions like me protest this insult to our God and His Blessed Mother.

To allow another company to distribute this filth is to play the part of Pilate all over again.



Dear Sirs,

We were horrified to hear of the blasphemous movie Dogma is which is being distributed. This attack (for we see this movie as an attack) upon the Catholic Church is a misuse of the God-given right of free speech. As young adults, we can easily see how this can mislead our peers into thinking that the Church is stupid and backward. This movie's message says to the country that nothing is sacred anymore.

Although you might rightly object that this movie is the demonstration of someone's right of free speech, this movie is uncalled for. To defame Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother, together with the Church He Himself founded, is an outrage that we take personally.

I'm sure that if someone insulted your mother publicly you would be angered (and rightly so). How much more would Jesus Christ be angered by a vicious attack against His Mother? Such an attack that angers Him is this horrible film Dogma. The Blessed Virgin Mary must have been special or else she would have not been chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus. She is the Mother of all of us (as Christ said on the cross when He entrusted Mary to care of St. John, who represented the human race). How could someone reject his very own mother? And yet this film does just this.

In 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, it pleased Jesus that Mary should work a spectacular miracle so that all people might believe what the Catholic Church teaches concerning her. The sun "danced" and swayed before seventy thousand, people - believers and skeptics alike. The miracle that the Mother of God worked that day is not doubted by anyone unless they have a stubborn determination to prove that it is false despite all true evidence. Yet people still deride and joke about her and those who respect and love her and her Divine Son.

Making fun of someone's religion, whatever it may be, is a cowardly way of saying that you don't like it. A much more mature way would be to argue about that religion with someone who practices it. Taking cheap shots at the sacred Divinity of Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother mary is another way of saying that you despise her but do not have good reasons for despising her.

We urge you not to distribute Dogma. Does not Our Lord Jesus Christ, who created you and gives you a chance for Heaven deserve to be treated with respect? Will He neglect to avenge this great blasphemy on the Last Day? His justice demands that he mete out a terrible punishment for those who treat Him contemptuously. Before you distribute Dogma, dwell on this thought.

Thank you for your time. We would be grateful if you would show our Catholic Faith more respect in the future. We will pray that the Holy Spirit may guide you.

Canonsburg, PA

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