Hate Letters of the Week

A steady stream of 'hate mail' has been reaching our mailboxes since an unauthorized early draft of the 'Dogma' script was placed on the Web many months ago. This was followed by a booklet distributed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights which urged people to write to then distributor Miramax/Disney with their complaints. As such, most of the letters are addressed to either Disney, Miramax, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, or Michael Eisner.

The following is a sample of the type of 'hate mail' that we've been getting:

Please note that all of these letters were sent months before the film was even announced for release. Most of the letter writers have not yet seen the actual film.

Posted on November 4th, 1999

Bob + Harvey Weinstein,

Remember Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Jewish people descendants of David. Jesus, Mary and Joseph practiced the Jewish faith. I am a Catholic and respect the Jewish religion. I think you should also respect my Catholic faith and not blaspheme aganst Catholic beliefs.

Your family name is Weinstein so I presume you are Jewish. I'm sure Walt Disney, if he were alive would never condone such prejudice and blasphemy against another faith as depicted in the film "Dogma".

Remember the Jewish race suffered many atrocities for centuries. Showing the film "Dogma" will certainly prejudice people against the Jewish race.

There is enough violence and hate in this country, most recently against the Jewish race in California.

Putting out such movies as "Dogma" makes the killer, Furrow, very happy. You are furthering him and his kind with hate and violence against different races and faiths.

I implore you not to show the film "Dogma" anywhere. I am sure God (your God and my God) will be pleased and bless you.

Origin Unknown


Dear Sirs,

I am a practicing Roman Catholic and again another movie that attempts to destroy our rich and wonderful faith. Why? First there was...The Last Temptation of Christ, next there was Priest, then Stigmata and now Dogma.

You wouldn't dare make a movie that would insult the Star of David right? That would be anti-semitic and rightfully wrong. It seems that Marlon Brando was right a few years ago about all of Hollywood and who dictates what movies will be allowed. Hollywood doesn't care because it doesn't offend their religion.

It seems you are promoting these movies not only for the money but because you HATE CHRISTIANS. And as a result, you want to tell the world how wrong the truth is about a jewish man named, JESUS. So you make a movie but call it art. You have no shame because you have been desensitized by violence, sex, and the value of money.

Where are the movies about MORALITY? We get a glimpse of that once or twice a year (Christmas and Easter)

Your Industry has so many issues to embrace and educate others on yet you embark on a rampage about a jewish man named JESUS and His following. It's not anti-semtic to you because you don't believe that He is the Messiah. Well it is anti-semitic and you must take the consequences. When will it stop? JESUS DIED FOR ALL!

We are all praying for you.

Origin Unknown


Bob and Harvey Weinstein:

You and all your staff should do movies about your religion. With this actions you make the people hate you and persecute you in Spain, Germany and other countries and then you cry calling it "Hollocaust"

Origin Unknown



We recently learned that you have produced the movie "Dogma", then reassigned distribution to Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The publicly available script and recent press reports indicate the movie to be an attack on established Catholic doctrine and teaching with respect to the virginity of St. Mary, the celibacy of Joseph, the Divine Person of Our Lord, the Apostles, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

We are as appalled by your effort to cover up your identity as producer of "Dogma" as we are of your ownership of Miramax, while masquerading as the family-oriented company Disney. "Dogma", coupled with "Preist", and your insistence on running the failed "Nothing Sacred" series on your Disney-owned CBS quite frankly hints at a wave of Catholic sentiment akin to anti-Semitism.

While we respect freedom of expression, it does not preclude fictitious and blasphemous attacks on an organized religion or the long-held beliefs of others. We suggest that you throughly examine Disney/Miramax for what appears to us to be a continual perpertuation of anti-Catholicism within your organization.

Arvada, CO


Re: Disney/Miramax production of the film Dogma

To whom it may concern,

I've never written a letter like this anyone or any company until today. However, I felt very compelled to do so now. I would hope that this letter gets read by the right person, but I'm confident it won't. I'm even more confident that I won't receive a reply.

It seems to me that Disney/Miramax has departed greatly from past values, values which will have been greatly compromised if this movie is produced and distributed. I am sure Walt Disney did not envision this production when he formed his company many years ago. He must be truly turning over in his grave. There is no real creativity expressed when you're simply attacking anothers beliefs which are held sacred. It is merely an attempt to make a profit, if it even does wind up in the black. I would hope there are many more worthwhile endeavors on which you could be spending your time.

Simply put, Disney/Miramax and others associated with this production need to re-examine both individual and corporate goals and morals. You need to pause for a moment and take the time to rededicate yourselves to producing quality entertainment. You've done so before, you can do it again. You are part of a very influential communication media, and with that comes a higher level of responsibility.

I urge you not to produce or distribute this film. If this project is completed it will offend many and no doubt will tarnish the image of those associated with its production and distribution. Please stop now.

Simi, CA

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