Kevin, wanna lose weight fast? Read this.

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Posted by gravy2love at on April 11, 2002 at 13:26:20:

I just read your article in the may issue of Arena. I know how you feel when it comes to that department but i can tell you a surfire way to lose the weight you want and get you down to way under 240 pounds in no time at all. The medicine you are taking will help you lose weight by cutting your calories, and sure cutting calories works, but do you want to shit yourself everytime you fart? I doubt it. I too grew up as a chubby kid and after I graduated highschool I ballooned up to 275 pounds. When I looked in the mirrow and got on the scale and saw that I told myself that was it. I seriously wanted to take a gun to my head, but opted for a diet. Well I did all of the low fat, low calories crap that everyone else did and yeah it worked for a little while, gave me ok results but I wanted something that would make me look like I wanted to. I just wanted to look into the mirror and not wanna puke, but be ok with how I looked. So I heard all of this talk about the low carbohydrate/high protien diet, so I gave it a shot. Well 2 1/2 months later I weighed 212 pounds. 63 pounds in 10 weeks, NO LIE! All I had to do was vut out my carbohydrates that I was eating and the weight came off so fast It was like opening a new present everyday when i got on the scale. If you keep your carbs to a minnimum, under 40 a day is what i did, there is no possible way it wont work. It's really simple, your body uses three things for energy, sugar, carbs, and fat (although sugar and carbs are the same thing, sugar is just another form aof a carbohydrate, look at a can of pepsi, has the same exact amount of carbs as it does sugar) so if you take out the sugar and carbs what does the body have left to ise but the fat! To top that off when you dont consume carns you dont retain water either, so you will lose a lot of excess water weight too. This is a no lose situation. You dont have to watch your calories or fat while on thisdiet, heck i was eating 3,000 calories a day and well over 100 grams of fat and lost weight like it was my job. My blood pressure and heart rate went down too. I'm not gonna lie and say its easy to do because it isnt at all. No pasta, no bread, no ptataoes, absolutely no soda or anything with sugar in it like the cookies you love, or fruits, yes fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals but they are loaded with natural sugar also. But you can eat as much meat, cheese and vegetables as you want. Steaks, eggs, hamburgers(no bun that is)bacon etc... I know how you feel being overweight and people with body chemisrty like ours dont process food the same way people like mewes or affleck does. They are blessed, we are fat, but I guarantee you if you stick by this it will work. There are tons of websites on this if you are interested, any questions you have you can email me and ill be more than happy to help. You said you wanted to weigh no more than 240, well i bet you could get down to 200 no problem and be a healthy father to your daughter.............

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