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Posted by gravy2love at on April 11, 2002 at 17:46:53:

In Reply to: I HATE these fucking Atkins posts. Look... posted by razordu30 on April 11, 2002 at 13:31:17:

well you need to brush up on your education on what the body does. Yes its true that your body will eat its own muscle if proties is restricted, but on the low carb diet all you eat is protien so that doesnt happen. Eating away at its own muscle is what the body does on those calorie restricted diets when a person doesnt get enough protien but leads up on bread and soda because it's "fat free" all the starch and sugar gets turned right into fat. I dont eat bread for breakfast but like you said I do scarf down steak for dinner, and you know what I lost 63 pounds in 10 weeks, so your theory is bullshit. Go back to 7th grade health or do a little more research next time. This diet is a proven fact that it works, I was giving kevin some friendly advice and if you know anything about kevin you know he respects everyone's opinion so dont go bashing mine........

:'s true that the body burns Carbs then Fats, and that if you cut fats out, you'll burn fat. But you'll also burn muscle tissue and fucking body organs. Your body doesn't make a fucking perfect checklist - when the best source of energy isn't in your body anymore, it panics and burns whatever it can.

: It's an incredibly unhealthy diet, and I think it's ridiculous people are buying into it. Most of the weight is water, making the person dehydrated and unhealthy.

: If you don't eat bread for breakfast, but scarf down steak after steak for dinner, you are going to get fucking fat.

: Eat less and exercise, that's the best route.

: Sorry if this sounds harsh, I've been reading Atkins posts for the past month now, and I want to put a bullet in that guys head.

: -Ramon

: PS - If you want to know my stance on weight loss, read it here:

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