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Posted by little worm at on April 27, 2000 at 21:31:37:

In Reply to: Strong? Does Arnold Schwarzenegger get action? posted by Isis on April 27, 2000 at 11:55:10:

: Only from Maria "watch out I'm made of plastic, I'll melt" Shriver. Nah, :strength doesn't equal sex just means you'llattract :power-hungry broads like Delilah.

On the plus side though, he can say 'I fuck a Kennedy'. Then again, Kennedy women do have that 'I have 46.5 chromosomes'-look to'em, so maybe he can't brag TOO much.

: Well duh, just as there are many ways to interpret what the moral of any :story is. I was being facetious. Translated: I am not actually :attempting to make a grand universal statement about, of all things, hair.
See, the problem is that you write these longass dissertations every so often, and you seem to be totally into driving down some inane point that your playful manner is lost. Take a clue from Foreman and cut out the fat.

: Whatever. It could also be viewed as removing the individuality of :soldiers so that when the need arises they'll take orders & only act in :what they feel is the best interests of the group.

Exactly my point...well, the fact that it can be viewed in numerous ways. I just get troubled when people say 'such and such is this way, and that's a fact jack', which well...your post did.

: Fucked if I know what's "in" for young American males. I don't even know :what's "in" for females. But if your last statement can be taken to mean :that you feel guy vanity is effeminate I agree. I suppose I should :elaborate by saying vanity in anyone is unattractive.

You seemed to be saying that it was 'in' to be a fashionable narcissist. Vanity is not unattractive in itself, overindulgence in the act? you betcha. Because sure, the physical self looks all purty-like, but the inner self...tis shallow, shallow, shallow. I like beautiful women, but if they have that "I'm a goddess, worship me" aura about them...they're just another fuckhole.

: Never spent any time in the romance section myself. What were you doing :there, cruising for chicks or picking up the latest Harlequin for :yourself? You naughty boy, you.

You don't read romance, but you know what Harlequin's are? something smells fishy, and its not your crotch. (i made a funny!). Just to get myself off the hook though...I get my gas money via working in a bookstore (Clerks:TCB on employee recs, whew!)

: Seriously, why does it bother you so much? Is it so irritating to hear :praise of someone on their own fanboard?

Its annoying that you're constantly saying how pretty he is. I get the same irritation listening to frat boys talking about their latest 'score'. Not to mention that your compliments come off as phony. ...pretty soon, you'll be telling him how superspectacularly cute bald spots are.

:Would you rather I insulted him?

No. Just don't be phony. And don't act like a high schooler.

:Why this is an issue to anyone, I've no clue. It's beyond harmless.

Its fucking annoying. Same reason I take up arms against Kelley. Teeny boppers are lower than child rapists, in my book.

: : Yeah, it has nothing to do with the guys personality, talent,...I don't : :think I need to go on.

: Oooh, GOOD POINT, never thought of that one. I wonder how anyone can :possibly take my sarcastic hysterics seriously and actually attempt to :argue them. Is it for the fun of it (my reasons for posting pointless :stuff such as the previous hair manifesto) or because you are so bored :with everything else on this board you actually believe they need to be :argued? I mean, I'll never think about hair the same way. What a scandal :that was.

oh, you were kidding? I'm now pinpointing why I (nor not many others) 'get' your humor--you bury it so deeply into your essays, that its not noticeable. Too much bulk hon, just like turtle.


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