You have the gall to invoke Andrew Dice Clay?!?

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Posted by Isis at on April 28, 2000 at 11:23:16:

In Reply to: your ass, your face...what's the difference? posted by little worm on April 28, 2000 at 02:02:10:

Dear sweet Goddess. You've now confirmed it. You *are* a chump. No more need to keep proving it.

: you gotta work on crafting your sarcasm. dont just rely on how it sounds in your head, cause hon...none of it shined through.

And guess what...I don't give a funk.

: Uhm. He named his kid Harley Quinn after a comic book character. Geezus.

Whatever. It's part of pop culture, it's a pretty obvious thing to know. I know who Tom Green is, that doesn't mean I'm a fan.

: : I don't think it's the same. First, I'm not trying to "score" with :Kevin, so in a sense you could say any compliments I give are only :semi-sincere.

: Its the same as frat boys talking about "bitches and ho's"

Okay, let me get this straight...what I'm getting is that you feel that any positive statements I make about Mr. Smith's loveliness are objectifying him in the way that fratties objectify women? How can that be the case when I've already made it clear that, A: Complimenting Smitty is an end unto itself for me; I am not trying to fuck him, or get anything out of him at all, B: it's laughable to think that he himself even cares. I don't think it makes him feel "dirty", and if it did, he'd tell me to cut it out himself. Either way, the only thing it has to do with you is that you read what I post, and whose fault is that but your own?

: :Excuse me if when someone is being put down (and putting themselves down) :for the way they look, I have the tendency to tell them they're beautiful.

: Saying 'I dont look good with my hair long' is putting oneself down? Kev does nonesuch thing hon. telling a person something contrary to what they KNOW is true makes you look insincere.

What do you mean know is true? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. Personally, I think he's thrice-foxier with long hair. That's my very sincere opinion, and obviously he himself disagrees; if I was being insincere, I'd have to be assuming there was something to gain from it and I can't see how I gain anything by contradicting someone. One thing you can take for granted, if I don't agree with Smith he'll hear it, that's sincerity.

: its because my loins horribly thirst for your sweet tenderness, yet I'm torn apart by this one irritating quality. what is a boy to do?

Is that all? In that case, jeez, I'm noticing you already. But hounding me about how irritating I am is not melting my butter. Try another tactic.

-- Isis
You're gonna regret this when you find out I have big boobs.

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