your ass, your face...what's the difference?

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Posted by little worm at on April 28, 2000 at 02:02:10:

In Reply to: Sodomy is illegal in this state so get off my ass. posted by Isis on April 28, 2000 at 01:26:28:

that was a Dice reference, jfyi

: If you could tell it was playful then why are you bitchin'? Does it hurt :your eyes to read more than two lines of text? If so, skip it. Skip this :one too. I'm not trying to cause you pain.

no...i didn't think you were being playful. not until your second post which clarified your rant.

: But I was being sarcastic! If it really was impossible to see that I'll :try to be a little clearer in the future. I'm not usually the type of :person to be absolute about anything, except on certain occasions when I :think the matter is vitally important. Hair is not such a matter.

you gotta work on crafting your sarcasm. dont just rely on how it sounds in your head, cause hon...none of it shined through.

: Dude, how would anyone not know what Harlequin novels are? Smith's :daughter is named "Harley Quinn", for the love of whatever you like. I :can be oblivious, but I don't have my head in a sack.

Uhm. He named his kid Harley Quinn after a comic book character. Geezus.

: I don't think it's the same. First, I'm not trying to "score" with :Kevin, so in a sense you could say any compliments I give are only :semi-sincere.

Its the same as frat boys talking about "bitches and ho's"

:Excuse me if when someone is being put down (and putting themselves down) :for the way they look, I have the tendency to tell them they're beautiful.

Saying 'I dont look good with my hair long' is putting oneself down? Kev does nonesuch thing hon. telling a person something contrary to what they KNOW is true makes you look insincere.

:It's fun to do. Again, me being me is not meant to cause you pain. I :really fail to see why it should cause an emotional reaction at all.

its because my loins horribly thirst for your sweet tenderness, yet I'm torn apart by this one irritating quality. what is a boy to do?

: Um yeah, and obviously yours is the most rational opinion. If I'm :entirely wrong about the nature of the universe and Judgment Day soon :arrives, surely the sin of daring to call Kevin Smith "Sexual Chocolate" :will earn me a place of honor in the fiery pits while the dude who stuck :his dick in 76 babies will be sliding on through the pearly gates. You're :sick.

I said child rapists, not baby rapists. you sick fuck.


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