Checkmate, nasty quit playing games.

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Posted by Isis at on April 28, 2000 at 13:35:22:

In Reply to: twas a calculated move... posted by little worm on April 28, 2000 at 12:47:51:

You already threw the crap hand with that Dice bit.

: : Whatever. It's part of pop culture, it's a pretty obvious thing to know. :I know who Tom Green is, that doesn't mean I'm a fan.

: Oh don't give me that 'whatever' routine, admit it when you're wrong woman. and buy me a cookie.

Oreo or chocolate chip? Wrong about what? Who even remembers what we were talking about anymore? Is there a point to this are or you really this determined to put Smalls into apoplectic shock?

: nope, I don't give a damn that they're objectifying women, its the manner that they do it in. I liken your 'sexual chocolate'-routine (what does that MEAN anyhow??) to the same as such speak as "that's a FINE piece! Yeah! high-five!"

Sexual chocolate, it means he's fine, tall dark & sexy (also a fairly obscure "Coming to America" reference, but that's a long story). Not to be interpreted as he's a piece, 'cause he ain't a piece of anything, he's the whole enchilada baby. Sexual Chocolate, come on, you know you want to slide me some skin. Hos before bros, yo.

: :How can that be the case when I've already made it clear that, A: :Complimenting Smitty is an end unto itself for me; I am not trying to fuck :him,

: bah, if he asked you to, you'd spread.

Actually, not at all. Which is a moot point anyway, because he would never ask. I don't see why you're so defensive of his statements about his looks and yet ignore his much more frequent odes to the blissful state of matrimony. The man's loyalty is part of his appeal. Sorry if you find it boring, or unlikely that someone would freely give up compliments without expecting any deep-dick deliveries in return. But such is the case.

: :or get anything out of him at all, B: it's laughable to think that he :himself even cares.

: never said he does care.

So then who does? You? And your opinion has what bearing on what mine should be?

: :Either way, the only thing it has to do with you is that you read what I :post, and whose fault is that but your own?

: you got me there...I'm a victim of my own heart.

Struggle all you like, littleflea. You cannot escape from my spider's web of love. Quit denying the passion.

: I just don't understand why you feel the need to state a contrary opinion about his looks EVERY time he makes a comment about the subject.

'Cause that's my sincere reaction: Mr. Smith is a babe. I can't resist spreading the word, in the face of any contradicting statements, even his.

: : Is that all? In that case, jeez, I'm noticing you already. But hounding :me about how irritating I am is not melting my butter. Try another :tactic.

: phish tickets? what if I start hugging trees and petting bunnies?

It's a start. Phish plays Madison Square end of May. Buckskin kilts have been known to work.

: =O Now I can love you like I love Kelley!

You're a sadist, aren't you? Too bad I left my leather catsuit & "accessories" at Beav's house. You're just plain out of luck, my friend.

-- Isis
Game continues.

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