The Two River Times - Week of January 9 -16, 1998

On Monday, Kevin Smith's "Vulgarthon '98" brought a wave of fans and followers to Loew's Sony Theater on White Street, where 500 ticket holders lined up before 11a.m. to claim their seats for the noon to midnight "five flicks/forty bucks" independent film fest featuring films by Mr. Smith and his friends.

Cinezine Interviews Kevin

Mike McCarthy of the infamous Cinezine gives his recap of Vulgarthon '98 and outdoes himself with an interview with Kevin about the festivities.

The Asbury Park Press - January 4th, 1998

Starting at noon tomorrow, the filmmakers will show off their efforts at Vulgarthon '98, a sold-out festival featuring films by Smith and friends at Red Bank Arts Theatre, White Street.

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Special Thanks to: Scott Benner and Luke Robinson. Photos "borrowed" from Scott Benner and Luke Robinson.