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Kevin's X-Men Review

Originally posted July 16, 2000

'X-Men' and San Diego

For all the curious...

I liked 'X-Men'. It's gotta be one of the best comic book movies ever made; easily in the top five. And if it does gross what the early reports indicate, this means great things for the future of comic book movies. Kudos to Bryan Singer for taking a great deal of shit from the studio t get it made. He turned out to be right, and that's the best revenge there can be.

But man, is that a moody little flick. And due to the fact that they kept Bryan ham-strung with the budget, one of the climactic battle sequences has to be fought in the Statue of Liberty's gift shop. Weird.

At the very least, we're bound to see a sequel out of this. I vote for 'Days of Future Past'.

And love it or hate it, you have to admit to a fan-boy tingle when Wolverine said "Bub."

Anyhoo, I'm in L.A. on a little business (and leisure time with Jen), then it's off to the big Comi-Con in San Diego. Hope to see some of you there. We're going to show some stuff you might be interested in, if you're a regular 'round these parts.

If there are any spellng errors above, I apologize. I'm on the hotel WebTv, and it's a little slow (and small).

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