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    by Jesse Ray Boehm

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* denotes feature interviews by writer Mike McCarthy

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The first character to come to mind when one mentions the movies of Kevin Smith is usually Jay. The farcical, always-talking sidekick of Smith's own Silent Bob, Jay has become one of the world's most famous stoners, capturing the laughs of millions. And yet Jason Mewes, the actor who plays him, has easily been the least interviewed of all those in Smith's films, perhaps causing some to confuse him with his character. On some level, that has admittedly made Jay -- the character -- all the more intriguing.

But it didn't stop me from doing the following interview and something tells me it won't stop you from poring over it quicker than you've read any of the previous Interviews Askew. Or perhaps you'll read it slowly and savor it? Either way, I promise you'll be a bit closer to solving the mystery that is Jason Mewes when you're done.

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