Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

If you're having any weird technical problems with this website, feel free to mail us at webmaster@viewaskew.com. Please be sure to provide the following information if possible:

  1. Platform (PC or Mac?)
  2. Browser Type and Version (Netscape or Internet Explorer? Which Version?)
  3. Monitor resolution if known (640 x 480? 800 x 600? 1024 x 768? etc.)

Please feel free to send mail if you have any other type of question as well.

We also recommend that you have the following FREE plug-ins and applications as well:

QuickTime 4.0

Download Apple's Quicktime version 4.0 at http://quicktime.apple.com. You may have a previous version of Quicktime installed. However, due to newer and better video and audio compression schemes that we are utilizing, we highly recommend you install Quicktime 4.0 for a better viewing expreience when downloading our clips.

Real Network's RealPlayer

Download Real Networks RealPlayer at http://www.real.com. We use RealVideo from time to time to offer full-length interviews and TV appearances in a streaming-media format. The RealPlayer will also play the occasional RealAudio files that we encode (radio interviews, Howard Stern appearances). This application is highly recommended.

Macromedia Flash 4.0

Download Macromedia's Flash Plug-In at http://www.macromedia.com. We are gradually "adding life to the web" using Macromedia's Flash technology in an effort to add a more interactive View Askew experience.

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