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OnlineHost :  Welcome to our chat w/John Pierson & Kevin Smith;ask 
             a question w/the INTERACT WITH HOST button
The i line : Thank you all for coming tonight, welcome
The i line : Our guests tonight are John Pierson and Kevin Smith
OnlineHost :  John Pierson is an indie producers-rep and partner 
             in Grainy Pictures.
OnlineHost : He was been involved with a such indiefilm as: 
             "Parting Glances," 
OnlineHost : "She's Gotta Have It," "Roger & Me," "Slacker" and 
OnlineHost : His latest project is a weekly TV show tentatively 
             entitled, Rough Cut.
OnlineHost : John is logging on tonight from New York.
The i line : Welcome John!
OnlineHost : Kevin Smith is a filmmaker who gained notoriety for 
             his debut film Clerks.
OnlineHost : Kevin's second film "Mall Rats," was released last 
OnlineHost : In addition to writing scripts for Hollywood, Smith 
             has recently finished shooting a new film,
OnlineHost : "Chasing Amy" a new film, set to be released soon by 
OnlineHost : Kevin is logging on tonight from LA.
The i line : Welcome to both of you
KevinSLA   : Hey.
OnlineHost :  Welcome to our chat w/John Pierson & Kevin Smith;ask 
             a question w/the INTERACT WITH HOST button
The i line : Let me start with a topic on come of our minds right 
The i line : the Independent Feature Film Market
The i line : John, you wrote an article discussing your views of 
             the IFFM
The i line : can you give us a quick summary of your thoughts
JPiersonNY : It's hard to summarize in two lines.  Since I'm in a 
             dark mood today, I just feel like calling the
JPiersonNY : market a "mass grave." $done
The i line : Kevin, where do you weigh in on the subject?
KevinSLA   : The IFFM was good to me.  An argument could be made 
             that what happened to Clerks might have happened
KevinSLA   : regardless.  But still - it was our first exposure to 
             an audience... even if it cost us $500 to get in
OnlineHost :  Welcome to our chat w/John Pierson & Kevin Smith;ask 
             a question w/the INTERACT WITH HOST button
The i line : Let's take a question from the audience...
The i line : BRichLive asks:
Question   : do u have any advise for me, this 16year old kid,  
             who wants to be a part of the film
Question   : industry in my future?
The i line : Anyone care to take that one?
KevinSLA   : Is he from Iowa?
JPiersonNY : :)
JPiersonNY : I guess we shouldn't be so obtuse.  We recently got a 
             fan letter from a 14yr old in Iowa.
The i line : And what did the fan say? 
The i line : OK, let's see we have a question from Bashar Te...
KevinSLA   : He loved Steve Buscemi.
Question   : Kevin, How's the Superman script coming along? What 
             details can you give?
KevinSLA   : It's a weird experience.  I spend most of my time 
             arguing over whether there's going to be a giant
KevinSLA   : spider in the third act.
KevinSLA   : Actually, Jon Peters and Warner Bros. argue about it. 
              I just nod a lot.
The i line : And what's the latest is the spider in or out right 
KevinSLA   : Peters - In.
The i line : and Smith? ; )
KevinSLA   : What does he know?  He's just the writer.
OnlineHost :  Welcome to our chat w/John Pierson & Kevin Smith;ask 
             a question w/the INTERACT WITH HOST button
The i line : OK -- John, would tell us a bit about your new TV 
JPiersonNY : Half hour show on independent film which will be on 
             MTV and the Sundance Channel starting in Feb. '97
The i line : OK.
The i line : Well looks like we lost Kevin?
The i line : I am sure he will be back momentarily
The i line : Lets take another question from the audience...
JPiersonNY : About the show, I hope it's in the spirit of the 
             book, Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes.  Anyone read it?
The i line : Here is one...
The i line : From Baleares...
Question   : John, who in your opinion is the most up and coming 
JPiersonNY : I'm crazy about a kid from Milwaukee named Chris 
             Smith whose first feature is "American Job."
The i line : What is the latest with American Job, will it be in 
             theaters soon?
JPiersonNY : We hope it's part of a special college tour with 
             several other films next spring.  In the meantime
JPiersonNY : Chris is doing a new feature which we hope to 
             serialize on the show.
The i line : Here is another question: 
Question   : John, Do you feel that the IFP & the IFFm have gotten 
             too concerned with raising money,
Question   : and aren't concerned enough with helping filmmakers?
JPiersonNY : They certainly do seem concerned about preserving and 
             expanding the institution.
The i line : Here is one from MGrimm605:
Question   : Question for John: What qualities does a production 
             need to possess to grab your attention
Question   : and spark your desire to become involved with it ?
JPiersonNY : Originality in a word - no Elvis, no serial killers, 
             and above all else no vampires.
The i line : John, how many films are sent to Grainy each year?
JPiersonNY : Looks like 400 - 450 in 1996.
The i line : Your mail carrier must love ya!
OnlineHost :  Welcome to our chat w/John Pierson & Kevin Smith;ask 
             a question w/the INTERACT WITH HOST button
JPiersonNY : That's still less than half the total than are 
             submitted to Sundance.
JPiersonNY : Our mail carrier (Bob the mailman) is going to be on 
             the show!
The i line : Kevin is having tech probs and will be back shortly.
The i line : Here is one from Stranahan, about the IFFM:
Question   : Since I'm already HERE (not showing a film, just 
             attending) - any advice on how to make
Question   : the most of things?
JPiersonNY : What was your expectation?
The i line : Mingaskew asks:
Question   : How active are you guys on the Internet anyways, 
             besides these chat things?
JPiersonNY : Get as many free coffee mugs as possible. (IFFM)
The i line : Kevin!
The i line : Welcome back!
The i line : Earthquake in LA?
KevinSLA   : Thanks.  Damn AOL.
JPiersonNY : Kevin's gone hogwild.  He's got a board at his 
             ViewAskew web site.  Hey Kevin!  Missed Ya
The i line : Kevin the question was about the internet
The i line : plug your site will ya!
The i line : and tell us about the feature of the site!
KevinSLA   : We do have a cool web site (www.viewaskew.com).
KevinSLA   : We hope to get the address on the bottom of the 
             'Chasing Amy' poster.
JPiersonNY : I'll also be writing regularly for the 
             sundancechannel web site (sundancechannel.com)
The i line : Here is a question from iguana4in about getting 
             started as a filmmaker...
Question   : I don't have 30 credit cards, and I am assuming that 
             no agent or producer/company will
Question   : ever allow me to direct my own first script.  I don't 
             have much of a chance, do I? :)
KevinSLA   : Screw credit cards.  Borrow the money from friends, 
             relatives, dentists.
JPiersonNY : If it's a good story, just shoot in digital video.
The i line : John, any guess on the number of filmmakers the 
             solicit you that end up in debt without distribution
JPiersonNY : About 75%
JPiersonNY : It's more but I don't want to depress everybody too 
The i line : OK, well here is a question from Saltpeter: 
Question   : John:  what do you consider to be the main problem 
             with indie cinema today?
JPiersonNY : too many careerists.  Not enough original ideas.  
             Basically too many films.
The i line : I presume that this next question from BskidGF14 is 
             for Kevin...
Question   : How many times have you seen Star Wars, because you 
             talk about S.W in everyone of your
Question   : movies
KevinSLA   : An awful lot.  But I don't think I'm the big fan I 
             was years ago (although I do look forward to the
KevinSLA   : rerelease.$done
The i line : and John, how many times have you seen Star Wars?
JPiersonNY : Once in 1977 and a second time this past winter with 
             my kids when Kevin gave us his old edition
JPiersonNY : laserdisks.
The i line : FJReynold asks:
Question   : Kevin, has Jon Peters offered to do your hair?
KevinSLA   : No, but I offered to do his. (P.S. - he declined)
OnlineHost :  Welcome to our chat w/John Pierson & Kevin Smith;ask 
             a question w/the INTERACT WITH HOST button
The i line : Kevin, can you tell us a bit about CHASING AMY.
KevinSLA   : It's a big leap away from 'Rats', that's for sure
KevinSLA   : (Did I hear a sigh of relief out there?)
KevinSLA   : We shot it for $250,000, and it looks better than our 
             last film.
JPiersonNY : It's funny as hell then it turns real emotional.  
             It's got a big heart.
The i line : OK, one for the two of you from CitizenFe, that is 
             obviously tough to answer...
Question   : What is your favorite movie?
JPiersonNY : Seven Samurai
KevinSLA   : Toss up amidst JFK, Last Temptation of Christ, Do the 
             Right Thing, and Jaws.
JPiersonNY : LOL
The i line : OK, here is another from Bashar Te:
Question   : Kevin, you mentioned part of your Superman script as 
             the "third act". I'd like to know how
Question   : you and John each feel about scripts broken into 
             "acts"... I had a professor once who didn't like
Question   : to "force" scripts into such constraints
JPiersonNY : Hey yeah Kevin, where does the third act of Clerks 
KevinSLA   : Usually, I leave acts for the Apostles.  But this is 
             a studio I'm dealing with.  It's all about acts.
KevinSLA   : Clerks had a third act?
KevinSLA   : I thought it was one long act.
The i line : Here is one for Kevin:
Question   : Kevin, I love the "Clerks" laserdisc with extra 
             footage and commentary! Do you plan on
Question   : doing a similar version for "Mallrats"?
JPiersonNY : Broken up by 37 shorter ones
The i line : I'll take that as a maybe Kevin ; )
KevinSLA   : We're trying like mad.  We started a grass roots 
             campaign on our web site - asking people to
KevinSLA   : e-mail MCA and demand it.  So we're trying.
The i line : Here is a question from KGB1138:
Question   : I have.  Really interesting tibits.  How did Mr. 
             Pierson meet Kevin? & what was his first
Question   : impression about the film "CLerlks"?
JPiersonNY : We met on the phone after the IFFM screening.  He 
             sent the tape. My wife Janet saw it first.
KevinSLA   : Clerlks?
JPiersonNY : Loved it.
KevinSLA   : But what did you say about it, John?
The i line : Ok, Here is one from NikkoMom1:
Question   : If you were to recommend a film school for someone 
             who hopes to make films in the
Question   : Independent market, which school would you recomend?
The i line : Anyone care to take a crack at that one?
KevinSLA   : The Film school where you watch a bunch of movies, 
             read a lot of books, and experiment with equipment.
KevinSLA   : But you don't pay tuition.
KevinSLA   : There's good and bad to everything.
The i line : Sounds like a job at a video store? ; )
KevinSLA   : A bit like that, yes.  John?
The i line : John, what's the word on filmmakers and film school 
             these days?
The i line : Are they going?
The i line : woops
The i line : Let's take another Kevin question!
The i line : From Laxdaela2: 
Question   : Kevin, how come you've stayed in south Jersey and not 
             moved to someplace cooler?
The i line : welcome back John.
JPiersonNY : We're back.  What'd we miss?
KevinSLA   : All my friends are in Jersey.  Why go anywhere else?
The i line : We're talking about why Kevin lives in Jersey?
The i line : I should mention, John is here with the other half of 
             Grainy Pix, his wife Janet!
The i line : hi janet!
JPiersonNY : Hi
The i line : Janet, tell us about your wedding.
JPiersonNY : She typed and edited the entire book - I write 
KevinSLA   : And they have kids, to boot!
JPiersonNY : It certainly never occurred to me that anyone would 
             care 13 years later - but we got married at the
JPiersonNY : Film Forum in NYC on Watts St.  Showed 1/2 of Buster 
             Keaton's 7 Chances.
The i line : Here is one for John:
Question   : Question for John: How do you prefer to be approached 
             by indies looking for representation
Question   : ?
JPiersonNY : With a bottle of bourbon.
The i line : OK, who wants to take this one?  NoCoastWs asks:
Question   : How do you feel about the role of Sundance these 
JPiersonNY : Seriously, we just need to see some of the work - on 
JPiersonNY : We don't read scripts.
JPiersonNY : They're sponsoring me on television so I shouldn't 
             bite the hand that feeds but no one should
JPiersonNY : let them create a monopoly on American independent 
The i line : Kevin, Mindaskew asks:
Question   : Kevin, do you think Amy can avoid the NC-17 hassles?
KevinSLA   : I think so.  Some of the discussion run the Clerks 
             gammut in terms of being racey, but it's got too
KevinSLA   : big of a heart for even the MPAA to slap it with an 
             NC-17.  I hope.   $done
The i line : We have time for just a couple more questions...
The i line : From Mike185:
Question   : Kevin: Who is your main influence for becoming a 
KevinSLA   : I'd say Richard Linklater.  After I saw Slacker, I 
             realized I, too, could be a filmmaker.
The i line : BskidGF14 asks:
Question   : Was Shannon Dogherty as bad on set as the rumors?
The i line : woops, wrong one!
KevinSLA   : What rumors?  Shannen was an angel.
The i line : sorry, the question was actually supposed to be:
Question   : Kevin,      Is it true that you read Rick Schmit's 
             book "Feature Filmmaking at Used Car
Question   : Prices" and that it helped you get "Clerks" on the 
KevinSLA   : Everything I read helped.  Rick's book was amongst 
             those tomes.  The idea of making a movie for the
KevinSLA   : price of a used car, and the breakdown behind it, 
             fuels your engine. $done
The i line : I am embarassed about letting the Shannon Doherty 
             comment slip in, sorry...
The i line : let's end with this from CitizenFe:
The i line : Kevin and John, I just want to thank you for  being 
             such an inspiration.    -Thanks
KevinSLA   : Jeez, that was sweet.
The i line : Any final thoughts folks?
The i line : anyone who wants to keep talking, go to indiechat in 
             the iLINE area, keyword; iline, click chat
KevinSLA   : I'm kind of sorry I didn't get to the Market this 
JPiersonNY : Good questions and the Orioles beat the Yankees.  
             Maybe the IFFM isn't a mass grave.
KevinSLA   : I miss the viewing the chaos.
The i line : At this point the lights in this room are about to go 
KevinSLA   : G'night.
The i line : I want to thank John, Janet and Kevin for being with 
The i line : thanks!
JPiersonNY : Our pleasure.
The i line : Good night, and drop by keyword: iline if you are to 
             chat some more with each other.
KevinSLA   : Bye, from the city of greed and weirdness.

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