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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

The Director Would Like to Thank...

GOD - He Who makes it all possible

JEN - She who picks up His slack with patience, love and lust

SCOTT - Without whom, I'm nothing

JAY - Without whom, there's no movie

BOB - For Saying "Take'em out of Jersey"

HARVEY - For Saying "Kevin and Scott are making a movie where?!?"

MOM AND DAD - The best parents a guy ever had

GAIL AND BYRON - A close second

HARLEY - For her never-ending fascination with poo-poo

GORDON - For the same

JAMIE - For shooting the best looking flick we've ever made

JIM - For scoring the best looking flick we've ever made

SLOSS - who coined the phrase "It's Dogma without the religion."

RASKIND - who coined the phrase "I'd fire Sloss for saying that."

AFFLECK - Once more into the breach, dear friend

MATTY - who didn't charge nearly as much as the breach guy

LEE - who did double-duty

BRIAN AND JEFF - who did it yet again

PHILBERT - for sound editing advice

VORDO - for sound editing advice

TIM - who kept it all running smoothly

LAURA - who kept it all running smoothly and under budget

GOOSEBERG - for C.G.I., there's no better man out there

SUE - for you, there are better men out there

THE CAST - who elevated a bunch of dirty words with their talents

THE CREW - who elevated everything else, with a smile

BRYAN - who laughed at "Give me the map Scott!"

WALT - who laughs at Bryan's expense

GINA - for coming back

MONICA - who makes Scott come - to work, you pigs. To work.

MING - He's the deejay, I'm the rapper

BRAD AND CHRIS - they're the wheels of steel

JIM MCLAUCHLIN - the wizard of Wizard

AINT IT COOL MIKE - the Cool of Ain't It Cool

CHAPMAN - who's merchandising my kid right into private school

CAROL - who's keeping it all accounted for

MATT WAGNER - for the logo we've gotten a lot of mileage out of

OEMING - for the artwork we'll milk to death

THE FOLKS WHO POST AT WWW.VIEWASKEW.COM - for the never-ending kind words

THE FOLKS WHO POST AT AINT-IT-COOL-NEWS.COM - for the never-ending abuse

HAWK & PIERSON - for starting this whole mess


MALCOLM - the best sport outside of hockey

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