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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

Entertainment Weekly September 22, 2000


Sit tight in that waiting room. Kevin Smith is backburning his Fletch remake for one last go-round with his cult characters Jay and Silent Bob. The tenatively titled View Askew 5 is "going to be the last one in the Askewniverse series that started out as the Jersey triliogy and became five films" says Smith. Returning to Smith's set are Jason Mews, Jason Lee (who will play both his characters from Chasing Amy and Mallrats), Ben Affleck (who will reprise his Chasing Amy role), and Chris Rock (who's trading in his fallen angel Rufus from Dogma for a new character). Whether God will return to Askewniverse in the form of Alanis Morissette is yet to be determined.

[Editors Note: Is this true? Not true? Stay tuned to this website and find out!]

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