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Big Day in View Askew History, Past and Present

Posted by Kevin on October 04, 2003 at 01:13:08:

Ten years ago today (October 3, 1993) "Clerks" screened publicly for the first time, at the IFFM. For those who've followed our antics, you'll recall that it was at that screening Bob Hawk saw the flick and recommended it to Amy Taubin (who wrote glowingly about "Clerks" in the Village Voice - the article which first brought us to the attention of Mark Tusk, the then-head of acquisitions at Miramax), Peter Broderick (who would later write about "Clerks" in Filmmaker Magazine), and Larry Kardish (who selected the film for the New Directors/New Films series at the Museum of Modern Art, the sister program of the New York Film Festival).

Thanks to everyone here who would later discover the flick themselves and dig on it - maybe even moreso than the folks previously mentioned. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for the support (hence Stash Bash). However, without that screening - and Bob Hawk being AT that screening - none of you ever would've seen the flick.

And I'd still be working at Quick Stop, no doubt.

Ten years. In the words of Anthony Hopkins in "Meet Joe Black" - "Doesn't it go by in a blink?"

Big Day, Part Two...

The Playboy shoot was today, and it went excellently.

A bit of background: along with a bunch of other directors (not sure if Playboy announced them yet, so I don't wanna list them here), I was asked to shoot my idea of something erotic for a pictorial that's to run in the 50th Anniversary, slated to hit stands in December. The idea was to shoot anything I wanted that I felt was a turn-on.

Naturally, I picked Jen.

Fuck, did she look amazing! We shot about six different set-ups (some scantily-clad, most completely nude), and Jen was absolutely fearless... not to mention insanely sexy. It was a pretty cool thing to do as a married couple, and something we'll always have to look back on years from now, when we both keep our teeth in cups on the sink. I'm so proud of her, and crushing big time right about now. Wife, mother, and now, a Bunny too.

And wait'll you see the theme...

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