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Kevin Smith's Roadside Attractions/Who wants to be on 'The Tonight Show?'

I've been doing some stuff for "The Tonight Show" called "Kevin Smith's Roadside Attractions. It's kind of a mini-travelogue of stuff to see along the highways and bi-ways of America if you're driving cross country for the holidays. The first segment features places you can visit in upstate New York, and, unless the stuff we shot Wednesday and Thursday is dog-shit (which I don't think it is), the segment should air on December 12th. Andy McElfresh, the "Tonight Show" writer/segment producer I was working with on the piece is back in L.A. now cutting it together (huge thanks and props to him, Scott Atwell, Kevin the camera-man, Ken the sound guy, and Izzy, who kept it all together).

But that's something I'm acting as more of a host for. In addition to that piece (and hopefully the others like it that'll follow, if this one's received well), the "Tonight Show" asked me to make a short film. It's a pretty cool honor, as they've never aired a short film before. We're shooting it next week in town.

Here's where you local folks come in handy.

We need bodies and cars. Well, really, bodies IN cars. The short takes place in traffic, so we need to produce some traffic ourselves. If you live in the Monmouth County area, and you want to be involved, here are the particulars: we'll be shooting on Thursday Dec 6, 2001, starting at 7:00am. We should be able to let folks go by noon the absolute latest.

I can't promise you it'll be an action-packed morning, but I can promise that, if you come to help us out, I'll put a song from your CD on the soundtrack.

Just kidding.

If you want in, email Ian, the producer, at...


Here are the directions to the location...

Oak Hill Road
b/w Middletown/Lincroft Road ( a.k.a Church St..) & Navy Road
Middletown, New Jersey


From North Exit: Pay .25 cent Toll.
Continue to light and TURN LEFT onto RED HILL ROAD

Pay .25 cent Toll
Continue to light and TURN RIGHT onto RED HILL ROAD

Continue on Red Hill Road for approximately 1 mile ( as road curves ) to BAMM HOLLOW ROAD.

TURN RIGHT onto Bamm Hollow Road.

Continue on Bamm Hollow Road for approximately 1.4 miles as it becomes Oak Hill Road

Proceed on Oak Hill Road looking for Middletown/Lincroft Road ( a.k.a Church St..)

Just afer Middletown/Lincroft Road ( a.k.a Church St..) LOOK LEFT FOR FAIR VIEW SOCCER FIELDS.

Proceed into lot for Parking instructions.


Proceed on Route 35 NORTH from Cooper Bridge for approximately 1.4 miles STAYING RIGHT for U TURN @ Oak Hill Road/Chapel Hill Road. -JUST BEFORE THE HESS GAS STATION.

Proceed onto U Turn and cross over Route 35 ( you are traveling WEST)

Continue Straight - You are now on OAK HILL ROAD

Proceed on Oak Hill Road for approximately 1 mile over 2 sets of Train Tracks

Immediately after 2nd Set of Tracks TURN RIGHT into FAIR VIEW SOCCER FIELDS

Proceed into lot for Parking instructions.

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