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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

AICN - Mysterio's Week EIGHT Report From JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!!!

First posted on AICN on March 21, 2001

‘JAY and SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK’ – On-Set Production Report


March 5th through March 8th, 2001.


As I arrive on scene, the crew is tearing down a large painted canvas and moving out some large props to quickly clear way for some more blue screen work with Will.

The stage is smaller than that occupying "The Bluntcave", so just trying to stay out of the way is challenging enough. In the back corner, I find Kev, Scott and Will talking behind the video village.

The stunt team soon takes Will aside and rigs him up in a harness, concealed under his character’s attire.

As Will works with the stunt guys, Scott continues to sketch out more storyboards for some upcoming scenes, meanwhile Kev heads back to the office to do some re-writing, where I head to as well.

As I walk inside, the first thing that hits me in the door, are four, fully dressed mariachi players, complete with instruments, getting in tune.

Funny, having read the script, I never remember any mariachi players, but Kev’s been constantly tweaking and re-writing, fine tuning scenes here and there, so anything’s possible from the draft I read.

Much to my surprise, I’m told that the band is indeed a real mariachi band, not here for the movie, but hired to play for Scott Mosier’s "surprise" birthday party on Stage 11.

I’m told that they not only have a cake and Mexican spread being catered in, but a piñata of a bunny as well (shades of ‘MALLRATS’ anyone?).

Now the Mexican theme gets my curiosity and I ask Monica Hampton (who’s the post supervisor & Scott’s girl) what the deal is behind it. She tells me basically it’s because Scott likes Mexican food, simple as that.

Kev finally emerges from his office, and hands me a copy of the sold out issue #1 of ‘GREEN ARROW’ to my surprise to peruse since it sold out before I could get my grubby hands on a copy out here.

Back down on Stage 11, everyone gathers inside for a View Askew Birthday, Mexican-style. The lights are dimmed, and the stage doors slowly open, letting in a large candlelit cake, followed by the band playing loudly from behind.

Inside, Scott blows out the candles on the cake, as the cast and crew sing "Happy Birthday" and offer congratulations and give gifts.

But the real gift, I think, had to have been the piñata - an object for a tired producer to take out his frustrations on by means of a broomstick.

Decimated in a single blow, the bunny piñata hits the ground, candy spread over the floor. Among the sweet treats, the bunny piñata is left lying on the ground, both decapitated and minus an arm.

A Jedi knight, Mosier could very well be.

"GIRLS IN THE BOX" – Tuesday, Day 33

This is a bad day to be on set. Even though it’s a day with nothing but the girls, the girls are unfortunately spending most of the time concealed within a four-walled set piece, which doesn’t allow much room for anyone whose not part of the key crew to be inside without getting into the shot.

So it’s outside the box I go to watch the happenings behind the monitors.

Back in their sexy outfits, the girls are working with their stunt counterparts and Kev, in trying to match and choreograph some tricky stunt work, involving some flips, wall walking, and somersaults. It’s definitely a lot harder than it looks.

The stunt gals hired on the flick are incredible. These girls have just come off fresh from working and doubling on such flicks as ‘CHARLIE’S ANGELS’ and ‘X-MEN’ and what these girls can do with their bodies… well it’s truly amazing.

Today also marks a good day, as the flick got quite it’s fair share of ink in both the trades and well as USA Today’s article on upcoming films having the most internet buzz, which rates the buzz on the films on a scale from 10-5. It’s good to know that ‘J&SBSB’ was listed up there with the likes of some of the big boys, such as ‘EPISODE II’, ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’, ‘PLANET OF THE APES’, ‘PEARL HARBOR’, and ‘MATRIX 2’. Made Kev feel a bit proud on set that it got mentioned mainly due to you fans who support him and the flick. The buzz is starting, and from the sound of it, your voices are beginning to be heard loud and clear as excitement around the project grows.

As most of you all are aware of, there is sooo much that at this point I’m unable to reveal, hence the sparse details. But let me tell you, there are many surprises and cameos in this film that HAVEN’T been announced yet, that I promise will both shock and surprise. It’s gonna be a fun ride folks (but you all already knew that, right?).

"SAME THING, DIFFERENT DAY" – Wednesday, Day 34

Today’s pretty much the same, involving more stunt work with the girls.

There’s also talk of some scheduling conflicts involving tomorrow’s shoot, and some last minute, alternate casting ideas of who might be suitable and available are thrown around as suggestions to Kev and the casting director. But finding an actress in this town, on less than a 24-hour notice, is pretty much next to none, so it looks like tomorrow’s intended shoot will have to be rescheduled for a later date.

"PICKING UP THE PIECES" – Thursday, Day 35

Since what was supposed to be shot today, got sidelined, the crew can’t afford a day without shooting, so they decide to do some 2nd unit effect shots, as well as some small bits ‘n pieces and a re-shoot section with Jen and Ali.

On Stage 14, the 2nd unit team works with Mosier on getting some footage to be composite in with some other effects, while Kev works with Jay on getting some small scenes involving Jay and Bob.

Later, back on Stage 19, Jen and Ali are called back on set to do some re-shoots of a previous scene. The scene in question had the two of them firing off some handguns amidst a hail of gunfire. Problem was that the guns they we’re using jammed up on them, resulting in no muzzle flash or shell cases ejecting from out of the chamber. This deemed the shot useless, so hence the need to re-shoot.

So to preserve continuity, the entire shot has to be re-squibbed, and props and set dressing had to be matched up with previous filmed footage, which they compared on set via playback monitors to ensure continuity. Lots of time is spent setting up and once the girls are put back on their marks and their hair fixed in place, the shot goes off without fail.

"Check the gate. If it’s a good gate, we’ll move on to an insert shot," shouts out 1st AD, Tim Byrd.

The gate is indeed good and Kev quickly grabs an insert shot that was scheduled for Monday, so to get a small jump on next week.

JASON MEWES: "Can I get a fuckin’ ride!?!?"

(as overheard yelling waiting for a transpo van to take him home from set.)


Spending some time with "The Rock", as in Chris Rock, meeting "Stifler", Seann William Scott, and bidding farewell to the girls as they play out their final week.

And here’s a little somethin’, somethin’ for ya…

…your first look at Ben Affleck reprising his role as Holden McNeil in the film.

Photo taken by the eye of uberphotographer and uberproducer to his credit, Scott Mosier and comes courtesy of (soon you’ll be calling HIM - uberdirector), Kevin Smith. Enjoy.

And why aren’t there more pics you may ask?

Well Kev did give me about a ripe dozen last week, but we’re having difficulty transferring these large, digital camera picture files from a Mac platform (his) to PC platform (mine) via ZIP disk.

We thought of burning them to CD, but Kev doesn’t have a burner. E-mailing just takes too much time.

Anyone else out there have any other useable ideas or suggestions on how to do so, please drop me a line so we can get ‘em up there!



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