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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

Clerks: The Cartoon - The Super Bowl Teaser

January 30th, 2000

If you had your TV's on about a hour prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XXXIV, you were lucky enough to get a first glimpse at your friendly neighborhood Clerks characters in cartoon form. Featured were very short clips of the first episode along with a look at Dante, Randal, and of course, Jay and Silent Bob (see right).

For those of you who weren't tuned in and are just itching to get a preview of the cartoon two months before it's debut in March - look no further, we have the teaser below.

Download the FREE Realplayer here.

Clerks: The Cartoon Teaser (QuickTime 4.0 - 320 x 240 - 1.8 Megs)

Clerks: The Cartoon Teaser (28.8 RealVideo)

Clerks: The Cartoon Teaser (56K RealVideo)

Clerks: The Cartoon Teaser (High Bandwidth RealVideo)

Clerks: The Cartoon Teaser (Save this one to your desktop)

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