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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

The Story about how Jay and Silent Bob wound up in Scream 3

February 5th, 2000

Here's how and why Jay and I popped up in 'Scream 3'...

Bob Weinstein called the office when 'Scream 3' first went into production. He said "I've got a funny idea for a cameo for you and Jay in 'Scream 3'. Will you do this for me?" Of course, I said sure. He said that the part of the flick we'd pop up in would be set on a movie lot, and to start thinking about some lines. I faxed him a few options, and he chose the lines that you hear in the flick.

Bob came to the conclusion that we'd be a cute moment in 'Scream 3' after sitting through countless test screenings on 'Dogma' and hearing the audience react everytime Jay and Bob first appear onscreen. It was a really good idea on his part, and Mewes and I had a great time doing it (Mewes more than me, though - as he loved getting the free shirt and three hundred bucks per diem they gave us for the day; while we were waiting in our trailers to do the scene, he said "We should do this all the time. We can pop up in every horror movie, and get three hundred bucks a day and a shirt!" I pointed out to him that he'd make considerably more than three hundred dollars by headlining a flick of his own, and he seemed to take this into consideration).

But the idea that there's this huge corporate syngergism behind our cameo is beyond laughable. Let me shed some light on the synergism betwixt Miramax, Disney, Touchstone, and ABC for you.

It doesn't exist. Trust me.

Regardless, I'm glad ya'll liked our appearance in the flick. I must admit that when I saw the flick at the west coast premiere the other night, I derived no small amount of satisfaction from hearing a celeb-packed audience applaud our cameo. I honestly expected the jaded fucks to groan or boo.

Maybe there is some heart in Hollywood afterall.

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