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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

AICN - Mysterio's Week NINE Report From JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!!!

First posted on AICN on April 3, 2001

‘JAY and SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK’ – On-Set Production Report


"Now just what the hell happened to last Tuesday?!?!"

Or black Tuesday, as I’d call it. So here I am, Week 9 report done, complete with some of those pictures I’d promised you guys, and just as I’m about to retrieve the said report from my laptop, it freezes me out. I try everything in my powers to boot around and get the damn file, but to no avail.

So I rush to have my laptop serviced ASAP, and when I get it back (on Friday), I noticed that they re-formatted my hard drive and re-installed the software WITHOUT EVER contacting me! All was unfortunately lost, and I had to redo the whole thing from scratch.

And usually I back these reports up on floppies, but wouldn’t ya just know the one time I don’t…?

Anyways, apologies for the delay.

But yes, I’m still here, and still have tons of stuff to share with you all, and to everyone who responded to my platform/picture problem (as there were MANY of you), a HUGE thank you. These pictures are especially for YOU!

But ah-ah, don’t scroll down so fast to see those pics just yet! We’ll get to them soon enough, but first…

As of this report, principal photography has indeed wrapped out here in L.A., and a small portion of the crew are currently invading both Red Bank and Leonardo, N.J. as some of you are aware of. Fan reports have already began flooding in, as well as some more pictures and (ahem!) spoilers which you can either find on newsaskew.com or viewaskew.com if you haven’t stopped by already. It looks like things are going along smoothly, and Kev and Co. are having a blast and finding the time to meet and greet a few of you all in between shooting. Damn, I wish I could’ve made the trek.

But anyways, let’s press, "rewind" and back up a couple of weeks, catching up with…


March 12th through St. Patty’s Day - March 17th, 2001.

"LIKE A ROCK" – Monday, Day 36

Or like the one that almost got away. You see Chris Rock ALMOST didn’t quite make it into the film as his schedule proved to be rather chaotic in conjunction with the film’s schedule. Since he and fellow askew actor, Jason Lee share scenes, it was imperative that both actor’s schedules accommodated one another, which was a tricky thing considering Lee was still working on ‘VANILLA SKY’ and Rock doing promotion for his film, ‘DOWN TO EARTH’ at the time.

But as luck would have it, patience prevailed and today we not only have Lee, but Rock now on board, and on set as well.

Sitting slouched behind the playback monitor, Rock struggles to find the energy to continue. He’s been at it since his 6am call time, and now in the early afternoon, is currently having some difficulty spouting out a mouthful of dialog.

Once Rock finally musters up the gusto and gives it another go, he gets it to Kev’s satisfaction, and the scene is set to move on to a "new deal".

With Rock nailing this scene, this also signals a picture wrap for Paul Dini (sharing said scene as well), who’s now Austin bound in a matter of hours, on his way to SXSW to meet up with Harry.

In between takes, Rock is too busy concentrating on his marks than performing standup routines for the crew, but in finishing up for the day, he does manage to throw in a few playful jabs. Such as thanking the cast and crew and saying that it was a pleasure meeting and working with everyone, but then saying (as he walks out through the doors), "But once I’m out these doors, I’m gonna forget each and every one of ya!"

Where’s the love in that Chris?

Although Rock’s bit is small, it is, of course, nothing short of hilarious.

As quickly as Rock wraps and exits, the stunt team is brought back in to help both Shannon and Eliza re-shoot a fight sequence in which they both give it they’re all. Something about watching gorgeous girls wrestle and roll around on the floor… you need no wordy descriptions here, just use your imagination.


As I step onto Stage 11 where filming is taking place today, I search around for that cum-chuggin’, all-American party boy – Steve Stifler, who I hear is working his first day on set today. I check around and see Kev, Jay and the girls all on set. Lights are now being rigged to shoot some interior stuff inside the girl’s van, so "first team" is not needed as stand-ins ("second team") take place while setting up.

As I make my way to the nearby ice chests, I find this guy who I hadn’t seen on set before. But soon, in talking with him, I quickly realize that behind those eyes, is indeed "Stifler" aka, Seann William Scott (although you’d never recognize him in the attire he’s been fitted in).

I welcome him on being "the new guy" and jokingly tease him for a bit saying something to the effect that he "looks like someone I’ve seen somewhere before, like in movies." He then asks me which one, to which I give dramatic pause, and feign shock and surprise when I say to him, "no way, you’re the guy, you’re, you’re the ‘PIE’ guy!?!?" Seann sheepishly smiles and admits to me that he indeed is, and then confesses to me his nervousness in acting in the film today - as he’s first and foremost a fan of Kevin’s and does not want to disappoint, as he considers it an honor to just being a part in one of his films.

As we talk, I sense that Seann is indeed a fan first and foremost, and ask him to consider maybe sitting down with me and expressing his enthusiasm in an interview, which he quickly and cordially says that "he’d love too." But today his time is limited, and he soon gets the call back to go and steal some more of the scene, which from the last few takes, he’s done in spades acting against Jay & Bob. No easy task, especially against Jay.

Seann is definitely one of the coolest most gracious cats I’ve met and I look forward to bringing you an interview with him in the near future. It should be fun.

Meanwhile, EPK crews and other affiliates of the press are running ragged, shamelessly vying for on camera, on set interviews, with the cast before they wrap.

It also finds Malcolm in a tough spot as he has to fend for shooting space while the other crews without thought, step in and out of his space as he tries to get behind the scenes footage for the documentary.

Not only do they add a bit of distraction on set, but the friendly, surprise appearance of Amy Smart doesn’t help much either, as she pops by to show support for her good friend, Ali, and say hello to her ‘Road Trip’ co-star, Seann William Scott as well.


Yes, the vibe that this shoot is getting REAL close to ending comes to the realization that today does indeed, sadly mark the end of not only Ali’s role, but Jen’s as well in the film. Both girls have been with the production for quite sometime (Jen since inception), and their giggly-girl presence on set will surely be missed.

Her and the rest of the girls are doing some rather mundane last day shots where her, Seann, Jay and Bob and the rest of the girls are shooting interior scenes from inside the van, where it’s camera rigged for some driving shots, featuring ace-car driver Jen, behind the wheel.

Time has a funny way of escaping from you, and in the case of interviewing the girls I’ve somehow let them slip by me. Today’s Ali’s last day, and Eliza and Shannon wrap their roles this Friday, so I’ve gotta hustle here, and since no other press is due on set for the rest of the week, I should manage ok.

But especially with Ali, today’s all or nothing. Ali tells me that once she gets back she’ll have some time and we’ll do it, so until then I wait patiently. And trust me, a girl like Ali’s definitely worth the wait. If you don’t believe me, just check out the cover of this month’s MAXIM magazine should you require further proof. I predict another little new View Askew starlet to be on next month’s cover as well. Don’t believe me? You just watch and wait and guess who?

As the sun goes down, the crew returns back to base, wrapping for the day, where the girls: Jen, Eliza and Ali, decide to head back to the trailer to do a little farewell celebrating.

Kev flags me and asks if I’m going back to the lot to watch dailies (which I usually do), and I tell him it depends on the interview I’m to have with either Ali or Eliza (hopefully both). He nods; wishes me luck, and heads back to his trailer to change out of wardrobe.

Pretty soon, the camp is emptying out like audiences did out of theatres during the second week of Steven Segal’s latest opus, "Exit Wounds". I continue to wait outside, as the girls are all together inside the trailer, getting their makeup removed before finally calling it a night.

Soon I begin to hear laughter coming from inside the opened trailer door. I shake my head in bewilderment wondering just what is going on inside, because damn if it doesn’t sound like the girls are having a good time in there!

It’s just then that I’m left to wonder no more, as Eliza calls for me from inside. I’m of course assuming she’s calling me about the interview, but as soon as I walk inside, I find Ali’s putting her camera in my hand, asking me to take some pictures of the three of them (I now know how tough Herb Ritts’ job must be!).

Not one to try and miss a moment, I too find myself soon posing and taking pictures with the girls, but this time with my own camera.

Thank god I had that handy then, as now I not only have picture-proof, but also am able to share this photo of these three lovelies with you all, taken during the time.

Since Kev has still yet to offer me up some sexy pics of the girls to share with you, I decided to take this one of my own and with approval from all three girls, share it with you unbeknownst to Kev. Ssshhhhh!

"You can’t wait to lay your money down on this film come August 10th to see more of these beauties at 24fps, now can you?"

Didn’t think so.

And yes, at this time I did (and still do) recognize that I’m one lucky somebitch. There’s definitely something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.

After taking several pictures for everyone with their cameras (including a few more of my own) I then inquire about the interview since it hadn’t been mentioned. Eliza and Ali promise to see me on Friday and do it then, as all are in full, celebratory swing at the moment and rather not think of work-related stuff right now.

I can see from the empty bottles why, and it’s no sooner that I find myself holding a cup of bubbly and then, at Ali’s request, play DJ with the trailer’s radio a bit, while the girls let loose.

As I stand back and watch (thinking, no make that wishing, that I’m quite possibly about to have a William Miller moment of sorts here), I listen as the girls recount they’re days together. A sisterly bond of sorts can be felt, along with a touch of sadness, amongst the three of them, as they talk and tell stories of working together and their experiences with Kevin on set. All agree how fun of a time it was, but now unfortunately, like all good things, this too must sadly come to an end.

And after all was said and done, I never made dailies.

"BEACH BLANKET BINGO" – Thursday, Day 39

Today the production is back on location. This time on the pacific shores of Malibu, shooting more Jay and Bob stuff. The day goes smooth and production quickly wraps early, at 4pm, just in time, as some heavy cloud cover blows in.

Back on the lot dailies featuring the final days of Ali and Jen are screened. Seann’s stuff was priceless, which left all in tears of hilarity, doing a role you’ve never seen him do before. Trust me.


Filming is taking place on the studio’s "New York" street, which was used primarily for filming exterior shots on "Seinfeld". The lot is flooded with extras and wire rigs are set up for a vehicle stunt. Dietrich Bader is also on hand as is another "surprise" unnamed cameo, that few will catch, but those who do will undoubtedly love. Yet another clever, clever inside (REAL inside) nod.

Once daylight is lost, the crew moves back to Stage 19 where Eliza and Shannon are to pick up some shots, and picture wrap, marking another sad end to the film’s production.

As they finish, more hugs and kisses goodbye are exchanged, and both Shannon and Eliza offers up a few gifts to their favorite director and producer. Eliza’s gift to Kev and Scott was cute and given in fun, Since casting, Eliza’s been deemed with the nickname, "Duck Shoot", so what better gift to give them than a little yellow "devilish duckie," complete with mischievous looking little red horns.

The parting was short and sweet, and work continued a little while longer with the stunt doubles before completely wrapping for the day.


Just as the header says, today was made up of a hodgepodge of shots and scenes done all around the back lot, which reveal too much. More stuff was shot with Dietrich continuing with what was left off from yesterday’s NY street sequence, and something more to do with animals. I wish I could say more, but then again that would be ruining it and we wouldn’t want to do that as already far too much about the film has been revealed.

But what I will reveal are three more exclusive pictures taken by the keen eye of DP, Jamie Anderson, and provided to me by Kev, with help from you all. So from Kev’s powerbook, to my PC here they are – ENJOY!

And since we now know how to move more than one or two pics at a time cross platform, hopefully Kev’ll fill my ZIP disk with a whole slew of new pictures!

Stay tuned.


It’s getting there - the last full week of production in LA. Surprises include, Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher in a cameo role, as well and the 6-year return of Shannon Doherty, Dante returns, filming in Hollywood with Tracy Morgan, and hanging out with Alanis. Not to mention a shirtless Jason Mewes!?!? Oh Heavens no, say it ain’t so!

"Hey Ladies!"


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