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Posted by grizzly at on January 19, 2004 at 18:14:54:

participating in the wrestling bashing further down the board! As an indie wrestler I HAVE to post in defense of wrestling. It FUCKING hurts! When I take a sidewalk slam or suplex on concrete, how is it going to hurt me any less than it would hurt you? Its fucking concrete! Call it fake or whatever you will, but let me body slam YOU and lets see what you have to say about it! It takes a special kind to do what we do, we just make it look easy. You don't have to like or understand wrestling, but you HAVE to respect a motherfucker that puts his life and limb on the line to entertain people. How is that any different from football or any other violent sport? YES I say sport because I train, I train hard and it takes a lot of stamina to make it through a 30 minute hardcore match. SO....I challenge all of you who call it fake, stupid, pointless, or whatever to find your local indie wrestling promoter and sign up for one training session. After you have done that, come back and talk about how fake it is. I've been part of many a training school and 95% of the people that sign up, quit after the first time they hit the mat. They just lay there a few seconds with a look of utter amazement on their faces, get up and get their stuff and leave, never to come back.

You dont have to like wrestling, but plenty of people do, and WWE has consistently HIGH ratings. So, next time I hear a 1500 person crowd pop for me, screaming my name in unison, I'll remember that its all fake and stupid and pointless and whatever else you called it.

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