Now you're just being pathetically argumentative.

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Posted by Barry, Suave MF at on January 19, 2004 at 20:10:20:

In Reply to: now youre just being argumentative posted by grizzly on January 19, 2004 at 19:52:49:

: I've got a laundry list of injuries I've sustained over the years. Again I must point out the difference between indie wrestling and what you see on TV. On tv it is for dramatic effect (and it gets consistently high ratings so somebody is watchin it), but every time I've left a match in a stretcher, its been for real.

Well maybe that's what te difference is - Indie vs. TV wrestling. I've never watched indie wrestling. My comments are on TV wrestling.

: Fine, don't watch it, but the way you're trashing it is pathetic. Your arguments don't hold water and its plain to see, hell, even Smalls is backing me on this one...SMALLS!

How am I trashing it? That the injuries they say they have are not real? Or that they make up soap-opera storylines for dramatic effect? It's true!

And so what about Smalls backing you up. He's not the smartest person in the world. Nor is he right on everything.

: Again, when owen hart fell to his death, was that fake? when sid vicious hyperextended his knee, was that fake? when mankind fell thrity feet from the top of a steel cage and spit three teeth out, was that fake? I could go on and on,Injuries ARE in fact real and quite common. Granted, most of the time they are superficial, like bruises and scrapes and we play them up for more than what they really are, often there are serious injuries just like any SPORT!

Obviously you haven't read what I said about injuries. You just basically took one word of what I said & went from there. Re-read EVERYTHING & get back to me.

And you just basically backed-up what I said in your last sentence there.

: Ask any pro football player turned wrestler which is harder and he'll tell you....WRESTLING!! Besides, thats the worst argument yet, it doesnt make any sense. We train, we get hurt, and NOT all of it is choreographed. Its not like learning a dance or something, its not 1..2..3 step...I've been in the ring with old-timers that won't want to talk about shit, they just wanna wrestle. I've also been in the ring with several people that didn't want to lose like they were supposed to or wanted my title belt and I had to defend myself, literally.

Just because wrestling may be harder to a pro football player, doesn't make it a sport. Let's see these wrestlers on TV compete for real & then it would be a sport. What about wrestling in schools? That's REAL wrestling.

: I trained under an old-schooler and can snap any one of your bones in about half a second. Not only did they teach me every move a collegiate or olympic wrestler would know, but they also taught me judo and the art of breakfall. Just give me two minutes in the ring and I'll have you screaming "Its not fake!"

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm SO scared! I'm sure you're the only tough guy in the world who can hurt everyone. Try me.

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