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Posted by grizzly at on January 19, 2004 at 20:27:01:

In Reply to: Now you're just being pathetically argumentative. posted by Barry, Suave MF on January 19, 2004 at 20:10:20:

everything youve said is YOUR opinion and obviously the majoirty of the people around here see it MY way. Youre just flaming for the sake of flaming! you said the injuries were "fake", i read your drivel, and if your point is they pretend to be hurt, then I gave your argument way too much credit to begin with. Any mark ass little bitch in the crowd knows theyre not really THAT hurt, but injuries happen, serious ones, that was MY point. And how does this sentence support your argument..."Granted, most of the time they are superficial, like bruises and scrapes and we play them up for more than what they really are, often there are serious injuries just like any SPORT!" There ARE real injuries and wrestling IS a sport...unless thats your argument, then no it does not support what you are saying.

"Just because wrestling may be harder to a pro football player, doesn't make it a sport. Let's see these wrestlers on TV compete for real & then it would be a sport. What about wrestling in schools? That's REAL wrestling."

again, I say I HAVE competed for real, I have had to incapacitate a guy that was trying to hurt me for real, I know more ways to tie a guy up like a pretzel then any college wrestler could ever dream...I mean thats why what I do is called "professional wrestling" and what they do is called "amateur wrestling"...the proof is in the pudding, i'll get in the ring with anybody, anytime, anywhere and SHOW you what I know. I'd love to "try" you barry, i'm 95% convinced youre all talk and 100% convinced you're full of shit. Come to my next show, we'll have a match, then come back here and talk all the shit you want...

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm SO scared! I'm sure you're the only tough guy in the world who can hurt everyone. Try me. "

All i'm gonna say is this, If you're not a black belt or some sort of badass, you better not ever step in a ring with me. Theres a saying in the business called "taking someone behind the woodshed"...i'm dyin to show you whats back there. Thats enough talk on the board about this...come to chataskew if you want to continue this discussion!

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