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Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash
- 35 Broad St.
Jay & Silent Bob's Video Stash:  This MTV special was filmed right inside the Stash!

The Stash is definitely a must for anyone on a ViewAskew tour of Red Bank.  This is where you can buy all that cool swag you see on the website and in the flicks!  Some of the stuff you can buy here is already signed by Kevin or Jay.  Plus, you never know who's gonna be down here working the register, signing autographs, or just hanging out in the joint.

The original Stash was created after Kevin heard that the local comic book shop was closing down.  He bought out the shop, including all of it's inventory, and re-opened it as Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash.  He also added a few choice items to the menu:  swag from his films!  What started out as a local comic shop and outlet for Clerks T-shirts and Mallrats posters quickly became a merchandising empire!  The Stash churns out some unbelievable sales figures through the store itself and through mail and fax orders.  The Stash has also employed some of the actors from the flicks, like Walt "Fan-Boy" Flanagan, Bryan "Steve-Dave" Johnson, and even the Lord of Snoogans himself, Jay Mewes!  Brian Quinn was hired to run the Stash's day-to-day office operations after his stunt at the Staten Island Mall proved that he was the hardest of hardcore ViewAskew fans.  Since Brian's departure from ViewAskew in December of  '98, Bryan has taken over the helm at the office.  Walt is now the full-time manager of the store itself, so chances are he'll be there if you stop by.

Prown's Department Store - 32 Broad St.
Chasing Amy:  Background shots.

Jack's Music Shoppe - 30 Broad St.
Chasing Amy:  Hooper and Holden banter about sexual preferences at the store. Holden and Banky live in the apartment above. They also have conversations on the front steps.

Side Street - Mechanic St.
Chasing Amy:  Alyssa and Holden argue in the rain.

Red Bank Catholic High School - 10 Peters Pl.
Chasing Amy:  Banky waxes on the charms of underage girls in school uniforms.

The Galleria - 2 Bridge Ave.
Chasing Amy:  Holden bids Banky bye-bye at this train station set.

Take a Shot Billiards Club - 6 Bridge Ave.
Chasing Amy:  Background shots.

House of Coffee - 10 Bridge Ave.
Chasing Amy:  Background shots.

ViewAskew Offices - 3 Harding Rd.
The office itself  is NOT a place where you can just visit uninvited, so unless they are expecting you, don't even try.  There are security guards in the building and they take no prisoners!  But nothing can stop you from hanging around outside.  There used to be a large logo in the window of the old office, but since the move there's been nothing to take pictures of.  But, you might be lucky enough to spot someone from the staff walking in or out, maybe even the big guy himself!

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