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Quick Stop & RST Video - 58/60 Leonard Ave., Leonardo, Middletown Township
Clerks: Most of the scenes in Clerks were filmed in and around the stores.
Chasing Amy: Cohee Lundin spills the beans on Alyssa's sexual adventures in front of the stores.
J&SB #1/Oni Double Feature: Jay & Silent Bob have a few verbal run-ins with Randal in front of the stores.
Clerks Comics: The two Clerks comic books are set here as well.

Postens Funeral Home - 59 E. Lincoln Ave., Atlantic Highlands
Clerks:  Dante and Randal "attend" Julie Dwyer's funeral.

The Marina Diner - Route 36 & Seeley St., Belford, Middletown Township
Chasing Amy:  Silent Bob opens up about losing the love of his life, while Jay and Holden listen.
J&SB #1:  Jay & Silent Bob dash out of their meeting with Holden and hop on a bus in search of Shermer, IL.

Victory Park - River Rd., Rumson
Chasing Amy:  Alyssa and Holden fall in love on the park's swings.
J&SB #1:  Jay & Silent Bob hang out here before going to meet Holden at the Marina Diner.

Berkeley Carteret Hotel - Ocean Ave., Asbury Park
Chasing Amy:  Site of the comic book convention.

Asbury Park Boardwalk - Ocean Ave., Asbury Park
Chasing Amy:  Holden and Alyssa play skeeball at one of the Boardwalk's game rooms.
Dogma:  Rumor has it that the first scene of Dogma takes place on the Boardwalk here.

Ocean Ice Palace - 197 Chambersbridge Rd., Brick Township
Chasing Amy:  Ice hockey game.

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