What can be said about Walt Flanagan - the Lon Chaney of the 90's? You know his work well - in 'Clerks' he was the egg-spinning guidance counselor, the smoke-seeking customer from the Chewlies Rep scene("Uhhh... pack of cigarettes?"), the very offended customer who faced down the spread shot of a porno book ("You've highly offended me!") and the bitter, faceless guy at the counter with compliments for the cat ("Cute cat - what's it's name?"). And lest we forget his two appearances in 'Mallrats' - the mustached stage worker who's fired by Svenning ("Mister Svenning, the bubble in the rug!"), and of course, the now classic Fanboy ("Tell him, Steve-Dave!").

Walt's the father of Vulgar, the View Askew clown mascot, featured in the production company animated logo at the beginning of 'Clerks'. In addition to that, he provides View Askew with all of it's graphic images - including letterhead and business cards (pictured below).

When not doing that, Walt's been known to spin a tale or two of his own - including the story behind Bry's script for 'Vulgar'. Walt's twisted vision has helped make View Askew what it is today.

In his spare time, Walt's a married man who - with his wife, Debbie - try to keep their rat terrier Brodie from destroying the house.

Below, some shots of Walt.

Walt Flanagan, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
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Walt Flanagan as Fan Boy
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Walt Flanagan on the set of Mallrats
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The View Askew Letterhead
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The View Askew Business Card
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