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KLSX 97.3 - The Kevin Smith Show!

On April 30th 2005, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Brian Lynch hit the Los Angeles airwaves from 11pm - 2am on 97.1 KLSX for the very first episode of cleverly named 'Kevin Smith Show.' This taking over of the Los Angeles airwaves was prompted by all the fun Kevin had co-hosting the Sarah and No-Name Show on Alice 97.3 in San Francisco 2 months prior.

Missed the show? Listen in here

Many, many thanks to Will Willkins for his hard work and sacrifice in capturing these files for us.

Listen to the entire show here (MP3 - appx 3:00 hours)

Part 1 (MP3 - 43:22 minutes)

Part 2 (MP3 - 44:11 minutes)

Part 3 (MP3 - 54:05 minutes)

Kevin's thoughts on hosting his own radio show:

"Thanks, all, for listening in. We had a haphazard start, but I think by the second hour, we were in a good place with the whole affair.

Last night, I discovered that I don't like being the front-man of a radio show. I liked my three days on Alice because it was Sarah's show, and she got to steer it, while I simply followed her lead and got to chime in with the funny. Last night, I found myself in the Sarah role and Brian was me. Good for Bri, not so good for the Sarah-proxy. Riding shotgun, I've discovered, is way easier - because all you have to do is tag-up on the leader. Go back and listen to the Alice stuff; that's all I did for three days. And that's a lot more fun for me.

Mind you, this is not me taking anything away from Brian or Mewes, who were great and did what they were supposed to do. But I've learned that I'd rather be a guest or second banana. It's really not that different than the Q&A's: in that situation, the audience is in charge, and I'm just tagging up on what they say, in the form of story-telling.

If I were to do this in the future, I'd wanna be paired up with someone like Sarah - who'd be in charge of running the show. In radio, I think I'd rather just be a sidekick."

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