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"Zack & Miri Make a Porno" Q&A with Kevin
Originally Posted March 17, 2008

Q: Will composer James Venable be doing the score?
Kevin: "I think so."

Q: Who sits with you when you edit?
Kevin: "Nobody. It's like writing, so I'm alone. Once the Avid gets back to the office, I'll be burying myself in the editing room again, cutting and slashing and getting the flick ready to show (some of) ya'll in April/May."

Q: How much footage do you load into the Avid? Just what you think you'll need, or everything that was shot?
Kevin: "Selected takes from each set-up. But generally, I'll have Patrick load everything but the takes that may have had a technical error (and I'll even load those sometimes, if the foul-up doesn't happen 'til midway through or something)."

Q: As you edit, are you consciously thinking about certain areas that might have problems getting the film an R by the MPAA and planning alternate edits of scenes in case they refuse that rating? Or is that something you're not going to bother with until you submit it for a rating?
Kevin: "The first big hurdle will be getting it to an acceptable running time. If there's an MPAA battle to get into, I'll worry about it then."

Q: As production evolved, did the story change at all to the point where certain scenes were combined or omitted or altered just as a result of seeing things played out in person or on the Avid?

Kevin: "There were two occasions when this happened...

  1. We were on the first shot of what was to be a long set-up day, with another day of exterior set-ups leading into the scene in question. And the more I thought about it, it suddenly didn't seem necessary. So one set-up into the scene, I iced it all, compressed some info, and went with something else entirely. Works much better than the other thing would've.
  2. Right before we did the cast/crew screening, I showed the flick to some of the keys and inner circle. With the movie fast cresting toward two hours in already cut-together scenes, and two weeks or so left of shooting, I was looking for stuff to drop. Milos (our first A.D.) suggested dropping a scene that, while funny, didn't move the plot forward one iota. It was a good cut. Instead, I wrote a much shorter scene that actually lent something to the characters' development and dovetailed nicely into the third act."

Q: So do you have any idea when "Zack & Miri Make a Porno" will be open to general public?
Kevin: "In the fall, I think."

Q: Any idea of when the movie will hit UK cinemas? Any chance of London Film Festival?
Kevin: "Hopefully before Christmas (though I doubt it) and no clue."

Q: Did Affleck and Lee make cameos in this one?
Kevin: "Negative. There was really nothing for them to do in this one."

Q: Did you shoot alot of stuff for DVD extras (Behind the Scenes, making of's etc.) for when it eventually comes out on DVD?
Kevin: "I didn't, but then I never do. I shoot for the film. Whatever's left over goes on the DVD. Joey and Zak, however, shot boatloads, I believe."

Q: Now that Zack and Miri is completed are you going straight into Red State or will you wait a little while?
Kevin: "As soon as we can scrape the budget together, I'd like to get going."

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