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Posted by Something-Like-37 at on October 09, 2003 at 01:35:29:

In Reply to: Hm... and so it emerges... posted by MasterdeBater774 on October 09, 2003 at 00:20:36:

: First of all, i have a job, and i'm 16 got to attend school, pay for car insurance as well as gas and for my car.
- You make the choice to spend your money on those things, instead of said CD.

: it's called sarcasm
- Sarcasm is lost in text - remember that.

: are you? please tell me what rich world do you live in?!
- Um ... America? I don't know. I live in the only world you can ... there's only one world. What do you mean what world do I live in?

: That's your belief not mine.
- Right, and Hitler thinking killing six million Jews is a-okay was HIS belief, but that doesn't mean he wasn't wrong. I'm sure you don't beleive that you're doing anything wrong ... but you are.

: while they sky rocket the price of CD's today the less fortunate get the shaft
- IT'S $12!

: I think that stealing is taking something that belongs to someone else who worked hard to do so.
- So ... if I take every present you get for Christmas it's not stealing because you didn't work for them? Awesome.

: The record company hasn't worked their asses off to make the cd
- No, but they did front the money to put out the CD, taking a risk that the CD may fail, thus losing all of their money ... I'd say they deserve a little better than a greasy haired little fuck stealing from them.

: I own 4 dave CD's already so don't give me shit about not supporting the band
- I'm not giving you shit for not supporting the band. I'm giving you shit for not breaking the law (and one of the ten commandments while you're at it).

What you're doing is wrong - there's no two ways about it.


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