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Posted by MasterdeBater774 at on October 09, 2003 at 17:37:51:

In Reply to: Blah blah blah posted by Something-Like-37 on October 09, 2003 at 01:35:29:

: : First of all, i have a job, and i'm 16 got to attend school, pay for car insurance as well as gas and for my car.
: - You make the choice to spend your money on those things, instead of said CD.

: : it's called sarcasm
: - Sarcasm is lost in text - remember that.

: : are you? please tell me what rich world do you live in?!
: - Um ... America? I don't know. I live in the only world you can ... there's only one world. What do you mean what world do I live in?

: : That's your belief not mine.
: - Right, and Hitler thinking killing six million Jews is a-okay was HIS belief, but that doesn't mean he wasn't wrong. I'm sure you don't beleive that you're doing anything wrong ... but you are.

: : while they sky rocket the price of CD's today the less fortunate get the shaft
: - IT'S $12!

: : I think that stealing is taking something that belongs to someone else who worked hard to do so.
: - So ... if I take every present you get for Christmas it's not stealing because you didn't work for them? Awesome.

: : The record company hasn't worked their asses off to make the cd
: - No, but they did front the money to put out the CD, taking a risk that the CD may fail, thus losing all of their money ... I'd say they deserve a little better than a greasy haired little fuck stealing from them.

: : I own 4 dave CD's already so don't give me shit about not supporting the band
: - I'm not giving you shit for not supporting the band. I'm giving you shit for not breaking the law (and one of the ten commandments while you're at it).

: What you're doing is wrong - there's no two ways about it.

: Tyler.

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