Biggest hypocrite in the world!

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Posted by MasterdeBater774 at on October 09, 2003 at 18:01:20:

In Reply to: Blah blah blah posted by Something-Like-37 on October 09, 2003 at 01:35:29:

: - You make the choice to spend your money on those things, instead of said CD.

Well of course you can say that... but you can say that with anything. that's the equivalent to saying, you decide to go to work instead of sleeping. You have to work to get money, thats just common sense and less of a choice. Just as i have to pay for gas so i can go to work and make money instead of buying a cd and not going to work and make no money.

: - Um ... America? I don't know. I live in the only world you can ... there's only one world. What do you mean what world do I live in?

So everyone in America is rich or doesn't have money problems?

: - Right, and Hitler thinking killing six million Jews is a-okay was HIS belief, but that doesn't mean he wasn't wrong. I'm sure you don't beleive that you're doing anything wrong ... but you are.

Comparing a belief that copying electrical impulses isn't stealing is much different then killing millions of people. Your not one to judge considering the fact that you claim to do it yourself, therefore making you one of the biggest, most illogical posters on this board if you ask me. Judge me when you never download an mp3 or pictures or anything else.

: - IT'S $12!

First of all, if it's only 12 bucks, then i'm sure they won't if i don't buy it.

Do you not understand that i don't have money to spend 12 bucks freely? gas is 2 bucks per gallon where i live! i don't have money to waist on a cd right now, especially one that i can get for free. I spent just enough money on blank CD's then i would buying that CD, so why shouldn't i not use them?

: - So ... if I take every present you get for Christmas it's not stealing because you didn't work for them? Awesome.

My parents worked for that, and the way this year is looking i doubt that there will be much presents to steal.

: - No, but they did front the money to put out the CD, taking a risk that the CD may fail, thus losing all of their money ... I'd say they deserve a little better than a greasy haired little fuck stealing from them.

They got millions of dollars, i got 5 in my wallet. Greasy hair? what the fuck is that suppose to mean?

: - I'm not giving you shit for not supporting the band. I'm giving you shit for not breaking the law (and one of the ten commandments while you're at it).

I know i'm not breaking one of the ten commandments... the lord never said don't copy electronic impulses. And DON'T EVER judge me and my way of life, you know nothing about me and i don't go around telling other people how to run there lives.To judge someone else for something your guilty for yourself is worse then me downloading music.

: What you're doing is wrong - there's no two ways about it.

Really, i think there is...but since your so wrapped up in your own world that if you don't realize people have money problems then that's your own ignorance.

: Tyler.

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