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Posted by Strictly Skewed at on August 22, 2003 at 16:20:02:

In Reply to: Re: Let's start posted by nogoodnick on August 22, 2003 at 16:09:56:

: The movie looks okay, but I am sick of movies that try to portray the shocking lives of kids. If you want to see a sad life for children do a movie about kids in Ethiopia, cause I don't care about a girl who CHOOSES to do drugs and be rebelious. I have no compassion for characters who choose to do stuff to themselves, I would feel for a character born into poverty though. But I guess I am sick of these "Kids" movies in General.

: P.S. Kids was average at best.

I see your point, but I look at it in a totally different way. To begin with, very few movies are really like this one. When they show the 'shocking' lives of kids, it's usually just something that their parent has to deal with, whereas this one , and Kids, focuses much more on the young people.
And then, personally, I care much more about this kind of movie than I would about a child in Ethiopia. I have to deal with this subject, partially because it's in my neighborhood, and partially because I have children of my own, and will have to deal with it directly sooner or later.
You have no compassion for someone who chooses to be rebellious? Really? It is a totally natural thing for a child to be rebellious to some extent or other, it's even healthy. If you can't relate to adolescent rebellion, then I would think it would be hard to relate to children at all.
While I never did it myself, I *do* have compassion for kids who decide to take drugs. The incredible peer pressure is a tough thing to resist, never mind the very natural urge to experiment.
Finally, I think it's unfair to say that there are too many of this type of movie. We are flooded with movie after movie (not to mention television show after television show) about the 'shocking' lives of adults. But no one complains there are too many of those. That's because the adults are the ones with the money to pay for these movies.
I personally hope we see many more of this type of film.

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