I love the US but here are my offensive answers

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Posted by Eyes Only at host81-128-145-26.in-addr.btopenworld.com on August 11, 2003 at 22:56:17:

In Reply to: Quiz Popper! posted by Marshal on August 11, 2003 at 22:09:39:

: 1. What country do you live in? (Canada doesn't count as it is unofficially part of the U.S. in denial.)

: 2. What state do you live in? (Canadian provinces don't count, as Canada is an unofficial state of the U.S.)
I live in the county of Somerset. In England, we have counties not fucking states as we are not part of the United fucking States yet

: 3. What is your favorite kind of monkey?(or primate for those of you who want to get technical)?

: 4. Their is a bin at Wal-Mart with every kind and color ball imaginable, what color / size ball do you bring to the check out counter?
The invisible one

: 5. What do you name your ball, and why?
Mr Shiny - I don't know why - I can't see the fucking thing.

: 6. What is the hidden meaning behind the sentance - "Oh my god, you kicked me in the fuckin' balls!"
It what is said to me by some prat who has just irritated me very slightly. If you don't know what a prat is, ask Elfy.

: 7. What color is the sky?
sky coloured

: 8. What would you do (ew ew) for a Klondike Bar?
absolutely nothing

: 9. What is the first movie Adam Sandler ever starred in? (a hint, it sucks.)
I have no idea and I care even less

: 10. Which do you prefer Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, or Royal Crown Cola?
caffein free diet coke - call me a wuss and I'll break your fucking neck (in two places).

: 11. What is Iced Tea in Canada?
Fucking expensive - just like on Long Island

: 12. Have you ever shaved your boyfriends nuts / girlfriends bush?(or both at the same time?)
Do you like hospital food?

: 13. Have you ever had an sexual encounter with a Circus performer, and/or one of those Carnies(Carnival "staff")? If so, did you like it?
No, but I've fucked a clown. Well, put it this way. when I'd finished with him, he was fucked. (I'd do the same to anyone I catch touching little boys bottoms.)

By the way, in English, we reserve the use of the indefinite article 'an' for words which either start with a vowel or, in exceptional cases, an aspirated H followed by a vowel, such as 'hotel'. There is no such thing as 'an sexual encounter'.

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