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Posted by punkmonkey75 at on August 28, 2001 at 00:45:10:

In Reply to: monkey licker posted by Slickleech on August 28, 2001 at 00:32:31:

: : Maybe you should read the Bible instead of gettin all you
: : information from a freakin movie. The Bible verses I quoted don't
: : specific examples of "bad words you're not supposed to use". It
: : don't be crude or vulgar IN ADDITION to not taking God's name in
: : vain. I guess God thinks raping three year old girls is funny, too,
: : there are some sickos who do that kind of thing. God's mind is
: : revealed in the Bible. Those who have not read it cannot comment
: : intelligently on it. It's like doin a book report on a book you haven't
: : read.

: I was refering to your post not the bible. and where did I say rapin
was acceptable cause it was in a movie? the bible was written by a
bunch of men years aago, for some strange reason they stopped
adding in the book for years.
-The Bible was written by God through a bunch of men.
DO you think they really had profanity back then like we do now?
-They absolutely did. Why do you think the disciples preached
against it? It wasn't the same exact words of course (English wasn't
around back then), but the gist was still there. Nothin new under the
sun, bruthah!
I mean every one was off drinking wine messin with the fine bitches.
: I know my mind is revealed in something a little more substantial
like the news paper. I'm sure you don't want to turn it into a
theological discusion any way, besides can you prove with out a
doubt that the bible has not been altered and that it is the only
religeon out there that is real?
-Original historical texts and scrolls prove it has not been altered, yes.
Are you goign to sit around and wait for the afterlife playing with your
pud or you going to go out and get some?
-No I'm not going to go out and get some except with my wife. God
disapproves of premarital or extramarital sex - again, from the Bible.

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