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Posted by punkmonkey75 at on August 28, 2001 at 02:13:03:

In Reply to: however your faith may be posted by Slickleech on August 28, 2001 at 01:59:35:

: : I'm absolutely on your side. I know how difficult it can be to live in
today's world as a Christian, but there is no compromise. If we really
believe Jesus is our King, then we have to live it, not just say. I've
been incredibly frustrated at times with nonbelievers lack of
understanding, but it is written 'carnal minds cannot discern spiritual

: however strong your faith may be, let's try to stick to the original topic.
If you sit and preach then you are cramming your religon on us, as an
athiest I think that infringes on my bounries. perhaps you should think
of how it would be if I was a harry krishna and knocking on your door
telling you how screwed up you are.

This posting board is not "your boundaries". I can sit and preach all
day and that's not cramming anything. You can choose to ignore. To
walk away. I pass a billboard for a grocery store every day on the way
to work, yet I don't accuse them of "cramming it down my throat".
That's a weak argument used mainly by those who are afraid of
encountering any feelings of guilt that the Christian message might
bring up. Then they might have to (GASP) give up thier selfish way of
life! Sorry to be so sarcastic, but that stuff doesn't fly with me. If a
hare krishna came to my door, I would tell him about Jesus

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