Dante, Gil & Grant hicks

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Posted by Ezekial24 at 1cust194.tnt9.syd2.da.uu.net on February 16, 2001 at 01:45:20:

Hey Guys,

You know I think about the Hicks family in the shower ... no not sexually, but there was nothing else to do in the shower, and after all these years washing has become repetitive and habitual, so I need not concentrate ...

So I was thinking how on earth Dante's cousin's had the same name and look as him.

I think Dante is the same age if not a little younger than Grant (Tv Reporter), while Gil (Mallrats contestant, college boy) is either a bit younger than Dante or possibly the same age.

Here's my theory.

Grant and Gil are brothers, and because Grant the Go-Getter became a TV reporter, Gil gets the flack at home because he's studing history while his brother is part of the big capitalist society trying to make something of himself.

Dante on the other hand quit college, I think Gil was part of the problem.

Dante couldn't take the studying, fees, missing hockey, and he had to see Gil around the campus and go through all that "are you two brothers BS", so he opts out trying to keep away from his cousins by staying in his comfortable world that is the Quickstop.

So Dante's mother's sister probably married Mr. Hick's brother (two sisters marry two Hicks boys).


It could be a Scandal ... Mr Hicks (Dante's dad) screwing around.


Mrs Hicks' (dante's mom) sister could work at an IVF clinic and Dante's dad could have donated sperm to which she independantly wishes to raise children she just grabs a can of Mr. Hicks donation in her left hand and a turkey baster in her right.

Why do I think about this shit for?

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