Hmmmm . . . ok, you're an idiot too

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Posted by Jennifer_ann_7 at on February 19, 2001 at 15:35:00:

In Reply to: Fanboys are lucky be and do mean different things posted by Shady Sex Tool on February 19, 2001 at 04:14:17:

: : I'd hate to have to depend on dealing with a woman in order to
: : procreate.

: Good thing you're not. There are plenty of guys that enjoy women for
: reasons other than "procreation."

Um, what man have you ever talked to that enjoyed women for the sole reason of procreation?? BUT, yes, incase you dont understand how animals, including humans, work, yes, procreation is necessary to carry on a race. This depends on the attraction and sexual stimulation of 2 opposite sexes towards eachother. I, personally, would not like to deal with the "typical woman" for any length of time to carry on the human race, if I were a male.

But perhaps that hasn't been your
: experience. I imagine it's probably hard to have time for a relationship
: that's more than just "procreation" in between all the acting and modeling.
: Isn't it?>

A little judgemental, don't you think? I bet you get along with women very very well. Jealous, shallow and completely judgemental. Why is the fact that I am involved in those professions so intimidating to people? Its just a job as good as any other job! Get over it!

: : Women, on the whole totally suck and this is a great example.

: I've got an even better example: women who attempt to ingratiate
: themselves to men by being apologists for puerile insults like "you must be
: on the rag."

No, I apologize for the stupid women that give smart women like me a bad name. There are many women that I've talked to that, on the whole, hate other women. Ask around a bit, you'll find the same results. I do not pretend to be a better woman, I'm just a better person. Chicks can't handle that and they lash out. Like you are doing now. Obviously you feel inferior for some reason. To my knowledge you have no reason to. Now take a deep breath . . .

: : Dude was just trying to talk to you and you wigged out on him.

: If someone "just tried to talk" to me in person by questioning whether I
: have the mental capacity to use opposable thumbs (trite as that is), I
: would defend myself in the same way. Wouldn't you? Oh wait, perhaps you'd
: just look at the guys and say "Chicks. They sure do suck, don't they?
: Except for me. Tee-hee!"

The origional response to her post was put eloquently and non confontational and she jumped on his shit for no reason. Because she's a chick. Period. She sounded like she was on the rag and therefor was asked if she was on the rag. And yes, a woman before and during her monthly cycle has been medicaly proven to cause mood swings and irritiblilty. She expressed these traits and was properly accused.

: : Totally uncool, IMMATURE and shallow. Use all the big words that you
: : chose, it doesnt make you a big person . . .

: Ohmygod... uncool? Gag me!

: Big words don't make her a "big person." It makes her a well-expressed
: person. I'll take that over being obsequious any day.

Some of the dumbest people I've ever met have a selection of my university professors. Talking about people with PhD's here. Total friggin idiots because they have no social skills or common sense. Education in language and usage has nothing to do with actual intelligence. It only has to do with the schooling that person has been able to receive as a result of oportunity.

: : Just my opinion

: Hey, thanks for that. Want me to tell you what you can do with it?

I would love to shove it up your ass. Really, I would. But you've probably got so much crammed up there already, mostly your head, that it most likely wont fit. Another opinion, try to clear that out cause it has an awful stench.


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