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Posted by Shady Sex Tool at on February 19, 2001 at 04:14:17:

In Reply to: I could never be a guy . . . posted by Jennifer_ann_7 on February 16, 2001 at 02:44:37:

: I'd hate to have to depend on dealing with a woman in order to
: procreate.

Good thing you're not. There are plenty of guys that enjoy women for
reasons other than "procreation." But perhaps that hasn't been your
experience. I imagine it's probably hard to have time for a relationship
that's more than just "procreation" in between all the acting and modeling.
Isn't it?

: Women, on the whole totally suck and this is a great example.

I've got an even better example: women who attempt to ingratiate
themselves to men by being apologists for puerile insults like "you must be
on the rag."

: Dude was just trying to talk to you and you wigged out on him.

If someone "just tried to talk" to me in person by questioning whether I
have the mental capacity to use opposable thumbs (trite as that is), I
would defend myself in the same way. Wouldn't you? Oh wait, perhaps you'd
just look at the guys and say "Chicks. They sure do suck, don't they?
Except for me. Tee-hee!"

: Totally uncool, IMMATURE and shallow. Use all the big words that you
: chose, it doesnt make you a big person . . .

Ohmygod... uncool? Gag me!

Big words don't make her a "big person." It makes her a well-expressed
person. I'll take that over being obsequious any day.

: Just my opinion

Hey, thanks for that. Want me to tell you what you can do with it?

: Jennifer
: NOT on the rag . . . :-)

Oh goody... I hope that means you're available for fanboy sex. Break out
the Palm Pilots, guys! It's procreatin' time!


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