And then she killed him. Delilah was a cunt

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Posted by MickCollins. at on April 26, 2000 at 22:07:07:

In Reply to: Shorthairs may kick ass, but Samson got laid. posted by Isis on April 26, 2000 at 19:58:19:

: A bit of trivia for your files...the first time short hair ever became a widespread fashion among American males was immediately following World War I. :::

I think it probably happend in the 100+ years before that atleast a few times.

::The moral of Samson's story is clear; when Samson was shorn of his hair, he was shorn of his self-identity just as men who enter the army are stripped of their personal dignity, pride, independance and everything that makes them men.:::

No, The moral of the story is that Samson's vanity was his downfall, when he realized that his strength came from himself and not the hair, he pushed the two pillars over and brought the house down. And The Army started the hair thing because of lice and bugs,not "to strip people of their dignity". War has battlefields. Battlefields have corpses. Corpses attract vermin. Vermin spreads disease. The dignity thing was started by hippies in WW2 who wanted as many excuses as possible for dodging the draft. If a guy thinks all that makes him a man is his mullet,then he ain't a man,he's an Abercrombie and Fitch model. The Army may do it now to decrease individualism, but that is because they don't attract the quality of person they used to. They get mostly High School dropouts. And career Army guys are usually allowed to have the hair in any normal style now, I think. Just no Mohawks and shit.

::The modern American male has been sold this G.Q. image of a short-haired sharp American Psycho-type playa on the scene with every hair groomed and moussed; a vain, narcissistic shallow type of quasi-femininity
bespeaking the loss of true masculine identity.:::

The mark of a man,his masculinity,is in his actions,not his appearence. If appearence makes a man, then we'd all still dress like barbarians. Celtic Barbarians used to strip naked before the fight and fight in their skin and paint to show that all the armor and weapons the other guy had did not scare them.

:: Short hair is for soldiers & boys. Pimpdaddies can let their hair hang down; they don't need to be vain 'cause they know they got game.::

I disagree,I think long hair is more vain than short.

: Hair is manly! Now don't get me wrong, masculinity is not dependant on hair.:::

Then what was the first paragraph about?

:: You gotta go with what works for ya. Captain "Cueball" Picard's head hasn't even rubbed up against hair in a bar for years and he's a universal mackdaddy gigolo.::

To Star Trek Fans he is. And what's with this "Mackdaddy Gigolo" shit? Sounds like stuff an "Urban" Sitcom on the UPN would put out.

: However, while chicks may dig rubbin' the buzzcut for giggles, they don't want to run their fingers through it...give me any other reason for the continued existence in our culture of the thing known as Fabio. It's an ancient, archetypal thing. Hair is power & sexuality. There's a fine pregnant lady standing next to the hairy dude in that picture. Coincidence? You may think so, but I know what I know.:::

And you represent the female gender? If so, how come one stereotype says chicks dig "men in uniform"? They have short hair. Hair ain't what matters. Most men associate their hair with confidence,when they lose it,they get all George Costanza-like. Confidence in one's self is the mark of the man,not whether he has a renton or a metalhead.


: : My advice? Go with the Clooney-esque short hair. Long Hair accentuates round faces,I'm told and your face is round. Short hair looks angular and makes the face seem more defined. Long hair makes men look like punks unless you are in the Bible,and they have an excuse. Think of a tough guys with long hair? Bruce Lee? Short in the Clooney way. Ali? Short. John L. Sullivan? Short. Lenny McClean? Short. Dan Gable? Short. The only boxer I can think or fight now with lone hair is Lennox Lewis and his is an over-rated twat with a fro. English boxers suck. Boxing is like baseball,a sport for the disenfranchised and the English are the franchise. Che Guevara? Longish Hair but he got killed when it hit shoulder length. In the pictures from the Cuban Revolution:above the shoulders. Batman:Short. Navy Seal:Short. When I let my hair grow out, it grows very fast and gets damn curly. In the first semester, I had it a good length and guys in bars fucked with me about 7 times. I cut it Renton-from-Trainspotting close and not one tosser has bumbled with the bee. And chicks dig rubbing the melon for good luck.

: : Conclusion:Short hair is good.

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