Naked women warriors...

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Posted by Isis at on April 27, 2000 at 11:29:27:

In Reply to: Pict justice posted by Mr.Kotter on April 27, 2000 at 09:47:53:

: Celtic Barbarians used to strip naked before the fight and fight in their skin and paint to show that all the armor and
: weapons the other guy had did not scare them.

: Yep...there were called the picts...they also use to send there women into battle naked....coozy up to the enemy and then slit their fucking throats...the scots...are descendents of the Picts....

Nah, the Celts didn't come up with that one, and the Celts & Picts are not the same ethnic group (or weren't until they started intermarrying in more recent history). That's from the legend of Queen Mab, who ostensibly led a matrilineal tribe of Picts to several victories with her unusual tactics. She was very Cleopatra-esque. Not only did she wield armies of nekkid women, but she used to destroy opposing leaders by fucking them to death. Outrageous. She was a redhead too. Definitely a personal role model.

-- Isis

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