Bad for the skin. Use sunless Tanning cream

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Posted by MickCollins. at on April 27, 2000 at 12:47:48:

In Reply to: tanning beds...HA! posted by Mr.Kotter on April 27, 2000 at 12:09:52:

Sure,you'll feel like a cheater, but only you, me and Hawaiian Tropic will know.

: Yes..I know the celts and picts are not related....the picts were a nasty nasty in fact that the Romans built a keep said picts away from them.::

By the time Hadrian's Wall was built,the Celts and Picts had allready merged,pretty much. There were actually two walls, an earlier one that kept getting over-run by bored Scots looking to rumble and then Hadrian's. And the Picts are like Bikers,they looked mean and people assumed they were bastards, but they were most likely an artistic type bunch who just got sick of fucking Romans knocking on the door.

..Picts were a darker skinned lot.:::

Not really. In letters, Romans say they were dark-skinned but that is probably because they were so heavily tattooed. Go look up pictures of Maori tattooing, the Picts tattooed like that,full body designs. And they fought Guerilla, so they would attack at dusk or nightfall,making them seem even darker. They were most likely pale as the present Scots. When a group that large is absorbed, they will leave genetic tracers(like the Spanish Armada did when they were absorbed by the Irish and the "Black Irish" came about). So,if they were dark (Say,the same skin tone as the Spanish), you would see a whole lot of Scots with dark skin. The tanning thing is more related to your more recent relatives. The Picts would have had no shot in hell of tanning,Scotland is dark and musky so they would have been pale,like the Irish. Darker skinned people tend to come from more hot and arid climates because they have such a discrepancy of heat between nightfall and the day. A more regular climate like Scotland produces pale people.

..which is probably why I tend to tan like a monster in the summer.::

Trust me,its bad. My Mom got skin cancer. Tanning is evil. And vain,in my opinion.

...most red hair comes from the danes...most irish..have black and or brown hair.:::

Nope. Ever been to the West coast of Ireland? That is where the bloodlines have not had the influx of Spaniards or Anglo-Saxons. When Oliver "King of the Douchebags" Cromwell came over and kicked farmers off their land, he sent them to the rocky,shitty land of the west coast,which is pretty insulated. So its more old school. And you can't swing your dick in a circle without hitting a redhead. The Celts probably started in a region near Germany with the Gauls before they made it to Ireland,Briton,Scotland etc. The Red Hair is Irish. They would have had little contact with the Danes,so they did not get the Red from them. Irish myths often speak of redheads and they are before Christ in origination. Cunculhain was a redhead(with blonde streaks.), and he was their Hercules. Black hair came into town with the Black Irish. Brown hair is closer to red then black.

..dont know where the whole irish red hair thing came from.....:::

Genetics,damn them. I had orange hair as a kid. Now its like Dark Blood Red. And it will be like that until I fucking die. ugh.


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