Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

June 26th, 1999
4:27pm EST
7 pounds, 8 ounces
Kevin and Jennifer Smith

The wife and I have gotten a lot of requests for this, so here are some shots of the product of our lust, Harley Quinn. Each kinda speaks for itself, so I don't have that much to add, other than the pictures don't do her attitude enough justice. The girl's feisty, I tell's ya! Feisty!

I will say this, however - if anyone takes these sweet and innocent pics of a pure and wonderful little baby... and photo-shop's in anything somewhat phallic or other such lewdness...

Well, let's just say that while I don't have a direct pipeline into God's ear, I can safely predict that there's a dank little pit in the bowels of Hell that's reserved for just such a cyber-Rembrandt.

Short of that unpleasantness, enjoy pics of our kid in action!

Ladies and Gentlemen - Harley Quinn, circa ten months!

To the photos...

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